Antibiotic cream

Modern antibiotics have a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity and are available in a variety of dosage forms. For treatment of bacterial infections of the skin and mucous membranes, both oral antibiotics and antibiotics that are produced in the form of a cream can be used.

A few decades ago, antibiotic cream was rarely used as a monotherapy of bacterial infections. However, highly efficient topical antibiotics, which help to eliminate bacterial infection without using oral antibiotics, are available for sale today.

Advantage of antibiotic creams over oral antibiotics is that they do not exert a systemic impact on the body, and do not cause gastrointestinal side effects.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed many effective antibiotic creams that include one or several antimicrobial agents.

Besides active ingredients possessing antibacterial activity, the cream may include additional active substance providing a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Antibiotic cream that includes one, two or more ingredients can be used to treat different types of skin, genital and oral infections caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Antibiotic cream should be used to treat bacterial skin infections and should not be prescribed for treatment of viral, fungal or other types of infections.

To achieve and maintain antibacterial effect, antibiotic cream should be applied to affected areas of the skin or mucosa 1-3 times per day. Frequency of using the cream depends on the disease severity and type of antibiotic.

One of the best antibiotic creams available at the US market, is Neosporin. This cream can be used for treatment of virtually any types of infections including bacterial skin infections in children from 2 years and older.

To treat minor skin lesions, topical antiseptic can be used instead of antibiotic cream. However, unlike antibiotics that kill bacteria, antiseptic just prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, antiseptic cream is ineffective in treatment of chronic infections.

Current antibiotic creams have a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, so they can be prescribed in combination with other topical, oral or injectable antibiotics.

Antibiotic creams help rapidly alleviate symptoms of an infectious disease, and significantly increase the effectiveness of oral or injectable antibiotic therapy.

If you plan to buy antibiotic cream, but you do not know which topical antibiotic is required to treat your disease, ask a pharmacist your questions about antibacterial drugs. By ordering antibiotic cream online without a prescription, you can get a pharmacist’s consultation for absolutely free.