Triple antibiotic ointment

Triple antibiotic ointment is a combined drug for external use with an antimicrobial effect of a wide spectrum. The drug is used for treating bacterial skin infections and preventing the penetration of bacteria into the human body through superficial skin lesions, including: cuts, shallow wounds and burns.

The drug may include various combinations of anti-infective and antineoplastic antibiotics:

  • Aminoglycoside antibiotic – Neomycin sulfate;
  • Polypeptide antibiotics – Bacitracin zinc and Polymyxin B sulfate.

The use of an antibiotic should be stopped if the patient has no improvements after 7 days of the antibiotic therapy, as well as if allergic reaction has occurred. The off-label and excessive use of an antibiotic may cause a variety of negative reactions that may vary from person to person.

During pregnancy, triple antibiotic ointment is used only if the possible benefit for the woman significantly exceeds the potential risks to her child’s health. It is unknown whether any components of the drug are excreted in breast milk or not.

When prescribing antibiotic therapy during breastfeeding, the woman will be forced to stop breastfeeding.

In the treatment of bacterial skin diseases, patients are advised to use triple antibiotic ointment as directed in the package leaflet to ensure high efficacy and lack of resistance when re-applied. The area of ​​skin the ointment will be applied to should be clean and dry. A small amount of the antibiotic is applied to the damaged surface of the skin no more than 3 times a day.

Due to the use of triple antibiotic ointment, patients manage to quickly achieve pain relief and reduce inflammation. In addition, the drug application helps stop the microbes’ growth and prevent their penetration into the human body through the open wound.

An important advantage of triple antibiotic ointment is a high clinical efficacy and good tolerability of this type of treatment. Studies have shown that patients feel relief and skin damage disappears a certain time after applying the drug to the sites of burn, redness and inflammation.

Before using an antibacterial drug, carefully read the package insert to make sure that this drug is the best method to solve your problem. If you buy triple antibiotic ointment on online pharmacy, ask the pharmacist to describe in detail how the medicine works and what side effects it may cause.

Sometimes, patients experience minor side effects after using triple antibiotic ointment, which may include rash or itching. Undesirable reactions can quickly disappear if you stop applying the medicine.