Attention! Antibiotics are very effective in treating many serious diseases. But I would like to reiterate the most important truths:

1. We must not forget that every antibiotic effect on certain microorganisms. And only a doctor can determine which medication needed for a particular disease.

2. Self-medication with antibiotics does not lead to anything good. It contributes to the spread of infections and erases “signs of the disease. As a result, the doctor will be incredibly difficult to establish the diagnosis. But this depends on our health and often life. At the wrong antibiotic treatment of the disease can move from acute to chronic.

3. Although each package with the drug and be accompanied by a detailed description – instructions for its use, only a doctor can show you determine the dose and duration of treatment.

4. Remember that “harmless” drugs do not almost exist. Consequently, the choice of antibiotic should take into account the possible side effects (allergy, idiosyncrasy, toxic effects on the kidneys, liver, blood, etc.). Therefore, antibiotics should be under constant medical supervision. Notify your doctor of any changes being in the background of treatment – a necessity!