Why not to be afraid of antibiotics?

Recently, antibiotics have been considered to be harmful and non-medical methods of treatment have been preferred instead. This and self-treatment often lead to adverse reactions. For example, improper treatment of severe tonsillitis may lead to development of rheumatic heart disease with serious adverse complications. Without antibiotics an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis) may lead to deafness, and of pneumonia to hospitalization or even fatal outcome.

Therefore, it is very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and not to refuse from the prescribed drug as any infectious disease is always more serious than possible adverse side-effects of antibiotics used in the treatment. Drugs mentioned in this section can be used only under the doctor’s recommendation, even if they are available as over-the-counters. The provided information cannot be considered as the recommendation for diagnostic and self-treatment. If you had any questions, please, visit your doctor.