High blood pressure

High arterial pressure (hypertension) is believed to be one of the most common diseases. Almost every tenth adult suffers from high blood pressure. Hypertension may not be observed for a long time, but its destructive action will affect you anyway. High blood pressure will be attacking your cardiovascular system till stenocardia or heart attack, blindness or other disorders are experienced.

Now there are many medications effectively lowering high blood pressure and capable to keep it normal. Drug treatment will help you to live a normal life, but with some restrictions.

Below we will talk about hypertension and high blood pressure in details. But we do not want you to set diagnoses basing on the provided material. Diagnosis can be determined only by the qualified doctor. Our task is to inform you on such disease as hypertension, because awareness of the disease is the first step in the right direction. The below information is provided only for informative and educational purpose.