Why you suffer from high pressure and how long it will continue?

Nowadays, the answer to this question has not been found. Hypertension may affect anyone, no matter sex, weight and skin color. However, the emotional people are believed to be under higher risk of hypertension development. Besides some medications (oral contraceptives, for example) may increase blood pressure. Moreover, the older you are getting, the higher your pressure.

However, all mentioned reasons are only a little part of numerous other reasons explaining worsening your health. Actually, the factors leading to hypertensions are numerous, and all of them have not been studied yet. The reason of high pressure can be defined very seldom, and it is difficult to eliminate it and forget about hypertension.

If the doctor set a diagnosis “hypertension”, more likely it is right. This diagnosis is set on the basis of regular measuring of your blood pressure. If you always have high pressure, you definitely have hypertension. Hypertension is an incurable disease. You have to fight against it to avoid any complications, but you should accept that you will always be with it.