Blood pressure chart by age

It is reliably known that the level of blood pressure depends on the person’s age. At mature age, blood pressure starts gradually to rise and thereby the risk of hypertension increases.

The cause of hypertension development is not only in the age. Therefore, it is impossible to make a universal blood pressure chart by age. The study results demonstrate that men under 54 years are at higher risk of hypertension than women of the same age are.

However, besides gender and age differences, weight, height, level of physical activity and overall health of the person can affect the risk of hypertension. Therefore, a standard blood pressure chart by age and weight or blood pressure chart by age and gender do not exist.

In occurrence of hypertension signs, the doctor can recommend to make the individual blood pressure chart where you should indicate:

  • Gender (men, women)
  • Age (pediatrics, adults, older adults)
  • Weight (underweight, normal, overweight, obese)
  • Hypertension symptoms (headache, dizziness)

After examining personal blood pressure chart by age, height, weight and other parameters, the doctor can determine the severity of hypertension and other cardiovascular risks.

When drawing up blood pressure chart by age for older adults, it is recommended to pay attention to the events because of which hypertension symptoms are strengthened or weakened.

These events can be:

  • Anxiety, worry and stress
  • Rapid changes in the body position
  • Consumption of certain foods or beverages
  • Use of prescription or OTC medications
  • Increase or decrease in the level of physical activity

Observation of the hypertension symptoms for several years allows to draw up an objective high blood pressure chart, which shows hemodynamic changes from different angles.

Possessing information on the impact of various factors on the level of blood pressure, the doctor can prescribe a rational antihypertensive therapy and recommend optimal methods of non-pharmacological prophylaxis of hypertension.

In the occurrence of the first hypertension symptoms, you should draw up blood pressure chart by age and weight (or gender) every day within a few weeks. Show your chart the doctor and discuss with him the possible methods of effective control of blood pressure that will help significantly reduce cardiovascular risks.

The hypertension treatment should be started in the cases if blood pressure chart by age demonstrates within 7 days in a row:

  • Systolic pressure value is equal to or higher than 140;
  • Diastolic pressure value is equal to or higher than 90.