What is hypertension?

The word “hypertension” means regular increase in arterial pressure. Blood pressure is increased when arteries and arterioles are narrowed. Arteries are like water channels feeding the earth and connecting the seas. But in a human body they are filled with the blood circulating between the heart and other bodies. Vasoconstriction may be observed because of regular spasms. The vessels remain narrowed due to thickenings of arterial walls.

The heart trying to pass the blocked sites and deliver the blood to organs increases an amount of the blood to push it through the vessels. These conditions are considered to be the reason of the development of hypertension: blood flow under high pressure affecting the vessel walls.

Sometimes, in one of ten cases, high blood pressure may be caused by disorder of any organ. This hypertension is named secondary or symptomatic. However, in most cases hypertension has primary character and called essential hypertension. Though the reasons of primary hypertension have not been thoroughly studied, it is evident that untreated high pressure is believed to be a serious threat to human health and life. The most common complications of hypertension are kidneys disease, and brain and heart disorders.

Nowadays the doctors apply reliable and effective methods to treat high pressure and avoid any complications. The main thing is your examination and following the doctor’s recommendations.


Every fifth adult has high arterial pressure (above 120/80). But only half of them know about it. Half of them treat this disease properly. The most of people believe that if they do not feel any disturbance due to high pressure, they do not need the treatment. However, treatment refusal is dangerous, you never know when it let you down!

Only half of the patients taking prescribed drugs follow the doctor’s recommendations. The patients discontinue drug taking when see the first symptoms of improvement. It may lead to relapse. Some patients adjust drug dosage, this is very dangerous. If you have hypertension, you should study some moments and live with it.