Heartworm meds for dogs

Control over parasitic disease in dogs is an important task not only for veterinarians, but also for pet owners. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the development and production of innovative heartworm meds for dogs in the last decades.

Parasitic roundworm can live and multiply in the body of dogs and other mammals, including humans. Sometimes, the worms live in a ventricle and in the cavity of the pulmonary artery and in case of severe invasion – in other pulmonary arteria or in the atrium.

This heartworm meds for dogs review will help you to learn more about methods of treatment of roundworm infections. This information can be very useful for those, who have never treated worm infections in dogs before.

Please note that timely used heartworm meds for dogs contribute to quick relief of parasites without dangerous consequences for dog’s health.

Lab tests will help you to diagnose a disease fast and choose the most effective heartworm meds for dogs. When choosing medications to cure worm infections in dogs, you must pay your attention to their indications and side effects.

Best heartworm meds for dogs can quickly eliminate the infection, yet may cause severe side effects. Less effective heartworm meds for dogs do not cause severe side effects, but you need to give them to your dog for longer time.

Heartworm meds for dogs containing Arsenamide Sodium active substance is prescribed for both the treatment and prevention of diseases, caused by worm infection.

Arsenamide-containing medications for dogs are injected intravenously, 2 times daily, within 2 days. In rare cases, the duration of use of Arsenamide-based heartworm meds for dogs can be increased up to 15 days.

In some regions of the USA, the risk of infection of dogs with worms is very high. Thus, dogs, living in such regions should undergo a regular preventive treatment of worm infection.

For instance, it is recommended to use the very popular in the USA – heartworm meds for dogs containing Diethylcarbamazine as a preventive treatment of heartworm disease in dogs even if there is no sign of infection.

Heartworm meds for dogs containing Arsenamide Sodium or Diethylcarbamazine Citrate are sold in the USa under different brand names, including Caparsolate, Dirocide and Difil. In other countries of the world, the bioequivalent heartworm meds for dogs are most likely available under other trademarks.