Pain meds for dogs

A variety of types of pain meds for dogs is available in retail sale. Therefore, without a veterinarian’s consultation, dog owners find it difficult to choose an effective and safe analgesic.

When choosing pain meds for dogs, pay attention to the indications for their use. After all, different types of analgesics are used to reduce different types of pain.

One of the most effective analgesic agents used to relieve different types of pain is Carprofen. This analgesic for dogs is produced in the form of chewable tablets, oral flavored tablets, caplets and solution for injections.

Carprofen-containing drugs can be used to control post-surgery pain, as well as for the relief of pain in arthritis. Pain meds for dogs containing Carprofen analgesic are sold under various trade names, such as Rimadyl, Novocox, Carprieve, Librevia and Vetprofen.

One more popular analgesic agent for dogs is Meloxicam. Medications containing Meloxicam active ingredient are produced in the form of solution for injections, tablets, caplets and spray. In the USA, such pain meds for dogs are sold under the brands: Metacam, Acticam, Meloxidyl, OroCAM, and Loxicom.

Just as Carprofen, Meloxicam can be used as the relief of arthritis pain. However, unlike Meloxicam, Carprofen is ineffective when treating pain after surgery.

Carprofen and Meloxicam are some of the best pain meds for dogs with arthritis available at the US market. The uniqueness of these medications is that they do not only relieve arthritis pain, but also provide anti-inflammatory effect.

Less popular meds for dogs with arthritis are Deracoxib (Deramaxx) Etodolac (EtoGesic), as well as medications containing Vitamin E and Sodium selenite (Seletoc, Dystosel).

Some of the drugs mentioned above are prescribed not only to dogs with arthritis (osteoarthritis). For instance, Deracoxib chewable tablets can be used to reduce post-surgery toothache.

If the cause of inflammation and pain is not joint disease or tooth removal, but injuries and cuts of the skin, topical pet meds containing antibacterial, bactericidal, antifungal, analgesic and (or) anti-inflammatory agents can be recommended for dogs.

For example, Neo-Predef topical powder contains four active ingredients. This pet medication helps to prevent infection of accidental injuries or post-surgery sutures on the skin simultaneously anesthetizing the place it was applied to.

It should be noted that pain meds for dogs after neutering, after tooth extraction or after surgical procedures have a powerful analgesic activity and can cause side effects.

To conduct analgesic therapy without creating potential risks to animal health, it is necessary to comply with the recommended dose of pain meds for dogs.

Herewith, it should be noted that pharmaceutical companies do not manufacture universal pain meds for dogs and humans. Therefore, pet owners, who love their dogs and do not want to cause harm to their health, should not give them analgesics developed specially for humans.

If a powerful analgesic is not required for the dog, over the counter pain meds can be recommended.

The advantage of OTC analgesics is that they can be used as a long-term analgesic therapy up to several months.

Unlike OTC pain meds for dogs, powerful prescription analgesics can be used to reduce pain once or no more than a few days in a row.

For instance, Triflupromazine (Vetame) injectable analgesic is used only before clinical procedures during which a dog can experience pain, itching, anxiety, irritation.

Mild, moderate and severe pain is one of the most common problems in mature and older dogs. Therefore, pet owners think about the buying of pain meds for dogs only a few years after their birth.

If you want to buy OTC pain meds for dogs or the doctor recommended your dog a powerful prescription analgesic, you can buy necessary pet meds online in any country of the world. Before to buy pain meds for dogs online without a prescription, you can seek advice from a qualified pharmacist of online pharmacy and ask him all your questions.