Anti-anxiety meds for cats

Anxiety in cats can be caused by various reasons. When cat owner notices some signs and symptoms of anxiety in his pet, he should take steps to normalize the mental status of his cat.

To reduce the anxiety in cats, people may use different types of medications.

  • If anxiety is mild or moderate, veterinarian physician can advise using some over the counter anti-anxiety meds for cats.
  • If cat has strongly pronounced signs or symptoms of anxiety, veterinarian can prescribe injectable meds, providing a powerful anti-anxiety effect.

Triflupromazine is one of the most effective anti-anxiety meds for cats. In the USA, this medication is sold under the brand Vetame. Triflupromazine-containing tablets and Vetame injections quickly relieve the anxiety and uncontrolled hyperactivity of cats.

Just as many other anti-anxiety meds for cats, Triflupromazine-based medications provide an analgesic effect. That is why these drugs can be used to reduce the anxiety, caused by clinical or surgical procedures.

As alternative to Triflupromazine, other anti-anxiety meds for cats can be used, containing sedative-analgesic agents like Dexmedetomidine or Xylazine.

Intramuscular or intravenous injections of Dexmedetomidine can be used to prevent anxiety before medical examination, during the treatment and removal of teeth, or any other minor clinical procedures.

Intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular Xylazine injections (brand names: Rompun, AnaSed, Chanazine) can be used as sedative-analgesic medication, or as one of the components of general or local anesthesia.

In cases, when cat’s anxiety was caused by travelling, but not by preparation to clinical procedures, veterinarian can prescribe a tranquilizer with sedative effect.

To prepare your cat for a travel, you may use various tranquilizers, including medications containing Acepromazine. In the USA, such anti-anxiety meds for cats are available under the brand PromAce, in Australia – under the brand Anamav, ACP 2, ACP 10 and ACP 25.

To achieve a quick anti-anxiety effect, an injectable Acepromazine is used. To maintain the anti-anxiety effect during long trips, travel sickness tablets are used.

The advantage of oral anti-anxiety meds for cats over the injectable motion sickness meds for cats is the ease of use and safe transportation.

It should be noted that the best anti-anxiety meds for cats can cause side effects and they can be contraindicated for many cats. When a cat cannot be prescribed potent sedative medications or tranquilizers, it is prescribed with some natural anti-anxiety meds for cats that are sold without prescription.

If you want to buy Rx or OTC anti-anxiety meds for cats online, but you don’t know which one to choose, ask your questions about popular anti-anxiety meds for cats right now, from any country of the world.