Arthritis meds for cats

For many years, little attention has been paid to the development of new arthritis meds for cats and undoubtedly, there were the reasons for this. Cats are able to hide the discomfort and pain. Therefore, obvious arthritis symptoms in cats can be unnoticed for a long time.

Fortunately, over the last decade, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases in pets have appeared. The number of sales of arthritis meds for cats increases every year in the UK, NZ, Australia and the USA.

Choice of one of the types of safe arthritis meds for cats may depend on the severity of disease, the availability of concomitant pathologies and age of the pet. However, before to buy arthritis meds for cats, it is necessary to diagnose the joint disease.

Attentive pet owner can notice the arthritis symptoms in cats, such as:

  • Reduction of physical activity
  • Hesitation or refusal of jumping up and down
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Increase in the time to rest and sleep
  • Irritation and the desire to avoid contact with people

Arthritis meds for cats are often prescribed to older and obese animals. Other reasons for medical treatment of arthritis include congenital disorders, skeletal abnormalities, joint injuries and surgery.

To treat joints, prescription or over the counter arthritis meds for cats can be used. Some types of meds are used only to eliminate inflammation and pain associated with orthopedic surgery.

Some of these arthritis meds for cats are solutions for injections containing active substance Meloxicam. These medications are prescribed for subcutaneous administration and often used for rapid elimination of severe pain in the joints. In the USA, one can buy Meloxicam arthritis meds for cats by Accord Healthcare and Putney companies.

Best arthritis meds for cats can not only remove pain and inflammatory processes, but also improve the joints function. For this, it is necessary to observe the recommended dosing regimen of medications and not to abuse them. This allows avoiding side effects.

Vetalog (Triamcinolone Acetonide) arthritis medicine for cats is prescribed to control and treat acute arthritis, pain, as well as allergic and dermatological diseases. The owner of marketing authorization for Vetalog in the USA is Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.

If prescription meds cause side effects, cat owners can find natural arthritis meds for cats sold without a prescription at pharmacies. These meds can have less pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. However, unlike prescription pet meds, OTC arthritis meds for cats do not cause long-term side effects.