Dog medications

Almost all diseases diagnosed in people can develop in pets. One of the most popular pet is a dog. Therefore, it is not surprising that dog medications are among the best-selling pet meds.

Young, mature and old dogs may experience dozens of various diseases, including:

  • Upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Arthritis, arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases of the skin

To treat these diseases, different types of over-the-counter and prescription dog medications can be used. Information about the most popular dog meds you can find in this review.

If your dog has been already prescribed any medication, you can buy it online in any country of the world. If you want to buy dog meds online but have never ordered a delivery of pet meds online, ask all your questions by phone or email.

Dog medications for arthritis, allergy and inflammatory skin diseases.

To treat arthritis in dogs, oral or injectable anti-inflammatory therapy can be used.

  • Injection therapy for arthritis is usually conducted in veterinary clinic.
  • Oral dog medications can be used to reduce inflammation and to control arthritis pain at home.

For intensive arthritis therapy in dogs, injections containing anti-inflammatory agent Triamcinolone can be used. In veterinary pharmacies, Triamcinolone-containing medications for arthritis in dogs are sold under the trade name Vetalog Parenteral.

To increase the efficiency of medical therapy for arthritis, oral Triamcinolone can be prescribed for the dog in addition to Triamcinolone injections. At the US veterinary pharmacies, this oral dog medication for arthritis is sold under the trade name Vetalog.

Triamcinolone provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, as well as has antipruritic and anti-allergic activity. These effects allow using topical Triamcinolone to reduce inflammation and itching in allergy, eczema and other dermatological diseases in dogs.

Triamcinolone-containing creams, ointments, sprays for dogs are sold under the trade names Panolog, Vetalog, Genesis, and Medalone. Some dogs have contraindications to Triamcinolone-containing medications.

Therefore, to decrease inflammation and pain in arthritis, as well as to treat allergy, these dogs are prescribed with medications containing other active ingredients. Dog medications for arthritis pain and inflammation in arthritis may contain active ingredients Flumethasone or Carprofen.

  • The uniqueness of Flumethasone oral dog medication is that it effectively decreases the inflammation of muscles and joints in dogs, as well as helps to control itching and irritation in severe dermatological diseases.
  • The uniqueness of Carprofen-containing medications for dogs is that they provide a powerful analgesic effect in addition to anti-inflammatory. Thus, oral dog medications containing Carprofen can be used to relieve pain in osteoarthritis, including pain after orthopedic surgery.

Besides the listed dog medications, many other anti-inflammatory, analgesic pet meds can be used, including:

  • Zubrin (Tepoxalin)
  • Metacam (Meloxicam)
  • Previcox (Firocoxib)
  • Deramaxx (Deracoxib)
  • Recuvyra (Fentanyl)
  • OroCAM (Meloxicam)
  • Seletoc (Selenium and vitamin E)

Dog medications for infections

Besides arthritis, allergy and skin itching, infectious diseases very often develop in dogs. Some of the effective dog medications for infectious pathologies are Tylosin and Lincomycin.

Both of these dog medications are effective in the treatment of streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, including upper respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, bronchitis). Tylosin is better known under the trade name Tylan, and Lincomycin – under the trade name Lincomix.

Dog medications for fleas

One more common problem for dogs owners are fleas. If you failed to get rid of ectoparasites by means of insecticidal collars, the dog can be prescribed with oral tablets containing one or more active ingredients.

Dog medications for fleas may contain insecticide agent – Cythioate. For prevention and effective control of flea populations, the dog must take Cythioate oral tablets or oral liquid at least twice a week. Cythioate-containing dog medications for fleas are sold at the US veterinary pharmacies under the trade name Proban.

One more effective dog medication for the control of flea is Sentinel. This dog medication for fleas includes two active ingredients: Lufenuron and Milbemycin Oxime.

Due to the fact that Sentinel tablets contain two insecticidal agents, they do not only help to destroy adult fleas, but also inhibit the process of hatching of flea eggs.

Unlike Proban (Cythioate) dog medication that should be taken twice a week, Sentinel (Lufenuron and Milbemycin) tablets for fleas should be taken only once a month in dogs.

One more difference between Sentinel and Proban dog medications is that Sentinel tablets are capable to destroy intestinal parasites that infect the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

It should be noted that the intestinal parasites might promote gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. The most common symptom of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs is diarrhea.

Dog medications for diarrhea should be selected individually for each case. For example, to control bacterial diarrhea (infectious diarrhea), the following dog medications can be used:

  • Spectam (Spectinomycin)
  • Entromycin (Streptomycin; Bacitracin)
  • Jenomycin (Neomycin; Aminopropazine)
  • Amforol (Attapulgite; Bismuth; Kanamycin)

If diarrhea in dogs is caused not by bacterial infection, Centrine (Aminopentamide) dog medication can be used to treat such gastrointestinal disorder.

If your dog requires medication, but you do not know what dog medications are needed, you can get information about safe and effective dog medications from the pharmacist of online vet pharmacy. You have the opportunity to buy dog medications online and to get a free veterinary consultation, around the clock, anywhere in the world.