Lumigan eyelash growth

Glaucoma is an ophthalmic disease which may result in vision loss and blindness. Today there are many effective drugs that may stop the disease progression and maintain good vision.

Lumigan is a modern antihypertensive drug, used to treat glaucoma by lowering intraocular pressure. If you or someone from your family are diagnosed with glaucoma, treatment should be started immediately.

To do this, you may buy the eye drops 0.01% Lumigan without prescription on an online pharmacy and start your treatment today. When ordering this glaucoma medication online, you may buy Lumigan quickly and at a reasonable price.

You do not have to waste time looking for cheap Lumigan, and you can immediately begin glaucoma therapy. In recommended doses, the ophthalmic solution Lumigan is confirmed to be an effective and safe drug.

However, if you’ve never used ophthalmic preparations for topical administration, learn information on these eye drops before ordering Lumigan without prescription.

Eye drops Lumigan 0.01% are a synthetic analogue of F2a prostaglandin, providing a hypotensive effect on ophthalmotonus and lowering intraocular pressure.

Lumigan for glaucoma treatment is a brand of Allergan, running business in many countries, including the US, the UK, Canada and Western Europe.

The active ingredient of Lumigan is a synthetic prostamid, Bimatoprost. By its chemical structure, Bimatoprost is similar to the F2a prostaglandin, but it doesn’t affect either type of prostaglandin receptors, unlike other prostaglandin analogues.

Lumigan (bimatoprost) has a unique action mechanism: a hypotensive effect due to lowered production of intraocular fluid and its strengthened outflow through the uveoscleral path.

Compared to its natural predecessors, Lumigan reduces intraocular pressure ten times as much. Systemic use of Lumigan eye drops is proved to effectively lower intraocular pressure by:

  • IOP lowering
  • improved moisture outflow
  • lowered secretion of aqueous humor

Clinical studies have shown that Lumigan provides a hypotensive effect and is characterized by a better tolerability, compared to other prostaglandin analogs for glaucoma treatment (Xalatan or Travatan).

If you want to buy an effective and safe drug for the treatment of ocular hypertension, choose Lumigan eye drops, available without prescription online.

Yet, before you start its application, learn the dosing regimen and the administration route of the eye drops 0.01% Lumigan. Glaucoma treatment efficacy and clinical safety depend on the correct use of these eye drops.

Like other ophthalmic drugs, Lumigan may penetrate into the systemic circulation and may cause certain side effects. Cases of skin pigmentation of eyelids, eyelashes, and iris were reported during the application of Lumigan ophthalmic solution.

Lumigan may cause eyelashes darkening and growth, which some patients consider rather a desirable than an adverse effect.

Thus, Lumigan is often used “off-label” to enhance the eye lashes growth, thickness, and volume.

Those who are going to buy Lumigan without prescription for increasing the eye lashes volume, should know that other special medications are designed for this purpose in fact.

At the end of 2008, the FDA approved topical solution Latisse (Bimatoprost 0.03%), manufactured by Allergan. In contrast to Lumigan, Latisse differs by the use method and dosage. Clinical studies have shown that the lashes become 25% longer and thicker in 4 months of Latisse use.

It should be noted that the eye drops Lumigan 0.03% for glaucoma treatment were recently available in America. However, the delivery of Lumigan in this dosage is currently suspended for the American market.

You may buy the ophthalmic solution Lumigan 0.03% on international online pharmacies. When ordering Lumigan without prescription, be careful and ask the online pharmacist for Lumigan eye drops in the concentration of 0.01%.

Due to a lower concentration, ophthalmic solution Lumigan 0.01% is better tolerated and rarely causes side effects. If you follow the recommendations for Lumigan application, you may reduce the risk of side effects and maximize the hypotensive effect.

The main condition for the effective glaucoma treatment is to use Lumigan eye drops on a regular basis. The therapeutic dose of Lumigan is one drop of ophthalmic solution in each eye. Avoid missing the scheduled drug applications to lower the intraocular pressure.

It should be clear that Lumigan should be taken regularly for a long time to maintain vision. If you want to cut the cost of the antiglaucoma antihypertensive therapy, buy Lumigan without prescription on online pharmacy.

Lumigan is usually available at the lowest price only online. For this, you have to visit the website of the online pharmacy, get a promotional coupon, print it out and present it to the pharmacy employee.

If the price of the eye drops Lumigan 0.01% seems high to you, you may order generic Lumigan, which is available without prescription on online pharmacy, as well. Generic Lumigan eye drops are available on the international market under the international non-proprietary name Bimatoprost.