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Zonisamide is a drug, used for eliminating seizures, the main epilepsy symptom. Patients, suffering from the epileptic seizures, may order Zonisamide-containing medications without prescription online and use them as an adjunct seizures treatment.

Zonisamide is a synthetic derivative of Sulfonamide – the neuroleptic with anticonvulsant properties. The exact mechanism of Zonisamide action is not known. Yet, it is well established that it differs from the mechanisms of other anticonvulsants action.

When administered, Zonisamide blocks sodium and calcium channels, thereby preventing the excitation pulses. The antiepileptic agents have a similar effect. In addition to than, Zonisamide also stimulates the GABA activity, which is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the body.

Zonisamide has a 100% bioavailability and is rapidly absorbed upon the ingestion. The maximum plasma concentrations are achieved in approximately 2-6 hours after Zonisamide intake. The maximum therapeutic effect of Zonisamide is reached in about two weeks after you start the treatment with this drug.

Zonisamide-based drugs are produced in form of capsules, which contain 25, 50 or 100 mg of the active substance. Zonisamide capsules may be taken once or twice a day. Meals do not affect the bioavailability of this anticonvulsant, but insignificantly prolong the period, required for reaching the maximum concentration.

The starting dose of Zonisamide is 100 mg per day. You may increase Zonisamide dose to 200 mg a day, when you finish the second week of treatment with this anticonvulsant. When another 14 days of treatment pass, the daily dose of Zonisamide may be increased to 300 or 400 mg.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that the daily Zonisamide doses of 600 mg are effective and safe. However, there is no need to increase the dose of this anticonvulsant to 600 mg, since 400 mg of Zonisamide daily are as efficient as possible.

Both teenagers, and adult patients may buy or order Zonisamide online without prescription and use it to eliminate the seizures. Clinical safety of this anticonvulsant in children younger than 16 years has not been established. Due to the fact that the anticonvulsant is excreted by the kidneys, patients with epilepsy should carefully choose the dose of Zonisamide, if they suffer from the renal insufficiency.

Advantages of Zonisamide:

  • safe and effective for the elimination of all types of epileptic seizures;
  • long half-life (63-69 hours) allows taking the anticonvulsant only once or twice a day;
  • significant reduction in the epileptic seizures frequency in two months of Zonisamide use.

Another important advantage of the anticonvulsant lies in the fact that even patients with liver diseases may buy and use Zonisamide without prescription. Even though Zonisamide metabolism is performed by liver enzymes, the anticonvulsant does not excite or slow down the work of enzymes. This greatly reduces the risk of drug interactions.

Despite all the advantages, Zonisamide may lead to undesirable reactions of the body. Since this anticonvulsant is a nervous system stimulant, its use may lead to neuropsychiatric side effects, like difficulty concentrating, depression, drowsiness or nervousness.

Because of its stimulating effect on the nervous system, Zonisamide should not be taken concurrently with drugs from the antidepressants group. In addition, care should be taken when consuming alcoholic drinks while on Zonisamide, since alcohol is also a nervous system stimulant.

Zonisamide is the latest generation antiepileptic drug with a fundamentally new mechanism of action. The new substance was synthesized in 1972 in a Japanese research laboratory of Dainippon Pharmaceutical Company.

After experimental studies have revealed the anticonvulsant properties of Zonisamide, the drug started to be used in Japan since 1989. The anticonvulsant was licensed under the trade name Excegran and was used to eliminate the epileptic seizures.

In the USA, a Zonisamide-based anticonvulsant was approved on March 27, 2000 under the brand name Zonegran. Sale and delivery of the a new drug on the USA pharmaceutical market initially involved the Irish company Elan. At this point, all rights for the sale of Zonisamide-containing products belong to Sunovion Pharms.

Since 2005, Zonisamide-based drugs appeared in the UK and other European countries. Thus, an extensive experience was gathered up until now in the wide use of Zonisamide in patients with epilepsy all around the world. Zonisamide without prescription is available in many online pharmacies, and the price of the drug depends on the region of residence.