How to use ADHD meds?

Such mental disorder as the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be treated with ADHD meds among other methods. When you buy the correct ADHD med and begin to use it properly, you can feel significant relief of the disorder symptoms in yourself or your child.

The first step to a successful treatment is choosing the ADHD meds, which will work. You may need to use several different ADHD meds before you can find the best one.

To manage behavioral disorders in children and adults, ADHD meds of two different types can be used:

  • Stimulants
  • Non-stimulants

The terms “stimulants” and “non-stimulants” are misleading for many people. The action mechanism of stimulants and non-stimulants is not directly related to physical activity. Medications increase the activity of serotonin or other neurotransmitters in the frontal areas of the brain. Correct use of the ADHD meds allows to alleviate the patient’s symptoms and:

  • Maintain a clear mind.
  • Improve academic performance.
  • Stimulate memory and information processing speed.
  • Increase focus on daily activities.
  • Eliminate difficulties in the relationship with loved ones and surrounding persons.

ADHD meds start to work effectively, when they are used in a proper manner. If you do not know how to use ADHD meds, do not rush to begin the treatment course. Consult with your doctor and ask all questions about the drug dosage.

People suffering from ADHD, can have a different response to one and the same dose of ADHD meds. In addition to the fact that each person is individual, there are factors (for example, eating) that affect the work of the same dose.

General recommendations for the use of the ADHD meds:

  • Take ADHD meds every day at the same time before or after a meal.
  • Do not stop treatment until you discuss this with your doctor.
  • Do not skip the next dose, and do not double the dose if a dose was missed.

There are different dosing regimens for the ADHD meds. They can work well for some patients and not be effective for others. Switching from one dosing schedule to an alternative regimen can help patients when the ADHD meds begin working worse.

Administration of ADHD meds once a day

Modern ADHD meds are manufactured using the newest technologies. Thanks to the bimodal delivery system, they gradually release the active substance and work all day long.

Long-acting ADHD meds are taken once a day. It is very convenient and practical. The patient get the treatment he needs. The need to take 2 or more doses per day disappears, which reduces the risk of missing the next dose.

Such ADHD meds are most often produced in the form of capsules or extended-release tablets. They should be swallowed whole, without chewing. Damage to the structure of ADHD meds leads to the fact that the necessary therapeutic effect is not achieved.

Some capsules used to treat ADHD can be gently opened, and their contents can be mixed with the applesauce, yogurt or water. This makes it easier to swallow the medication, for example, in young children. If you want to buy such ADHD meds, they can be marketed under the names Methylphenidate or Lisdexamfetamine.

Administration of ADHD meds twice daily

Use of immediate-release ADHD meds can help individualize the dosage according to the individual patient’s needs of and his response to treatment. Such medications begin working quickly, though not for a very long time.

As a rule, the first immediate-release tablet is taken in the morning. The second dose is usually taken at an interval of up to 6 hours after the first pills was taken. The dosing timing helps control the ADHD symptoms when you need it the most.

Regular doses of ADHD meds do not need to be the same. Some patients respond well to a higher morning dose and a lower second dose, or vice versa.

It should be borne in mind that the immediate-release ADHD meds can cause insomnia. Therefore, they are usually not used later in the evening.

If you order ADHD meds online, you can get a free consultation and learn how to use a particular medicine. If you feel that the action of the ADHD meds is too strong or too weak, discuss the possibility of changing the dosing schedule with the your health care provider.