Attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit disorder is one of the slight disorders of the brain, which most often appears in children aged 6 to 8 years. Signs of behavioral disorders still occur in 70% of adolescents and 40% of adults who was diagnosed with this disorder in childhood.

According to most researchers, attention deficit disorder occurs all over the world and in all cultures. According to various estimates, from 2 to 20% of children suffer from psychoneurological disorders. The distinction of data is related to the fact that many countries use their own methods of the diagnosis and the syndrome treatment.

Attention deficit disorder: symptoms

Symptoms and signs of psychoneurological disorders may vary in different patients, but in a varying degree, they find it difficult to control their behavior. Different perceptions of situations, problems at home, at school and with peers are often observed in children suffering from attention deficit disorder.

The symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children can involve speech disorder, inattentiveness, difficulty with memory, inability to recognize the needs and desires of others, difficulty in maintaining emotions, angry outbursts and tantrums.

Attention deficit disorder: consequences

Despite the popularity of attention deficit disorder as a subject of research among experts of the whole world, definite answers to a number of questions have not yet been found. According to some experts, the disorder consequences are minor and are reduced proportionally to the brain formation and to person growing up.

Other studies have shown that attention deficit disorder with age can be transformed into more severe mental illnesses. It is believed that patients in this group more often conflict at work, get injuries, are prone to alcoholism and anxiety disorders.

Attention deficit disorder: treatment

One can buy dozens of effective drugs for the treatment of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity at the pharmaceutical market. Many of them are intended to treat psychoneurological disorders in children over 6 years old (for example, Strattera).

Medical treatment is more effective in the combination with proper nutrition and psychotherapeutic methods. Careful diagnosis and the choice of treatment method should quickly cure the symptoms of attention deficit disorder and minimize negative health consequences.