Recommendations for parents of hyperactive children

An important element of the behavior management in children with ADHD is changing the behavior of parents, as well as teachers and other adults. Parents can help their child overcome everyday problems and ensure the well-being of their family.

Parents need to understand that the education of hyperactive children is nothing like the traditional upbringing of children. Therefore, adults should familiarize themselves with the general principles and rules of education, which allow changing the child’s behavior and alleviate the disease symptoms.

How to help hyperactive children?

Parents have control over a variety of factors that provide a positive or negative effect over the ADHD symptoms in a child. They can create the basis for the physical and emotional health of children.

The earlier you begin solving the problems of hyperactive children, the higher are your chances to succeed. In combating the ADHD symptoms in children, the best adult assets are:

  • Common sense.
  • Positive attitude.

Observance of recommendations for parents of hyperactive children should be the first step in the treatment of your child. Praise your child’s good behavior and even minor successes. Say “yes” more often and avoid such words, like “no”, “impossible” or “forbidden”. You can start a diary and, together with the child, keep the record of the successes that he achieves at home and at school.

You can entrust the child with some of the household chores that must be performed daily. Try to set tasks appropriate to his abilities. Avoid inflated or understated requirements for the child.

Try using a large wall calendar to remind your child with ADHD of his responsibilities. Meals, walks, games, going to sleep should be done at the same time.

Define the behavioral constraints for the hyperactive child – what he can and what he should not do. Children must cope with problems, typical for their age. They do not need a waiver from the requirements that apply to others. Rules should not be very categorical.

The child’s provoking behavior is his way of attracting the adults’ attention. Therefore, do your best to spend with the child as much time, as possible. If it is difficult for the child to study, do not demand from him high marks in all subjects. It is enough to have good grades on several basic subjects.

Create the necessary conditions for studying. While the child is studying, his table should be free of things that would distract his attention. Protect your child from fatigue, as it leads to a decrease in self-control.

Try to make the child sleep at the same time and make sure that he gets enough sleep. Deficiency of sleep leads to an even greater deterioration of attention and self-control. By the end of the day, child with insufficient night’s sleep can become very impulsive.

Educate and develop in the hyperactive child interest to a certain hobby. It is important for him to know that he is good in a certain field. Find the activities that increase his self-confidence.

Your peace of mind is the best example for the child. Give the child more opportunity to spend excess energy. Avoid large crowds of people. Staying in such places can exert an excessive stimulating effect over the child.

There are many other recommendations for parents of hyperactive children. To make sure that your child is happy, and to create a calm home environment, you need to become an excellent parent.