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Anticonvulsant drug Dilantin came into the market in 1953. Today, many patients buy Dilantin to reduce intensity of epileptic seizures. It is included in a list of prescription drugs, but you can buy Dilantin without a prescription on some online pharmacies.

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To treat epilepsy and to reduce its symptoms, primary health care providers recommend to buy one of the following dosage forms of Dilantin:

  • capsules: 30 mg or 100 mg;
  • chewable tablets: 50 mg;
  • solution for injections: 50 mg / ml;
  • oral suspension: 30 mg / ml or 125 mg / ml.

When properly used, capsules and tablets Dilantin effectively help to reduce intensity of epileptic seizures. However, if you need to accelerate therapeutic effect of this medication, make use of Dilantin injections for intravenous administration.

Dilantin dosage is matched individually. Therapeutic dose of Dilantin should be adapted taking into account such criteria as patient’s age, his susceptibility to clinical effect of the drug, intensity of nervous disease and its symptoms:

  • The initial dose of Dilantin for children under six years of age makes 5 mg / kg per day, divided into two or three equal doses. The maximum daily dose for pediatric patients should not exceed 300 mg of Dilantin every 24 hours.
  • In high therapeutic response to the drug, pediatric dose of Dilantin can be reduced to 4 mg / kg. Teenagers and children over six years are prescribed with up to 300 mg of Dilantin per day to eliminate epileptic seizures.
  • Adult patients for epilepsy treatment are advised to take Dilantin 100 mg three times a day. At a low therapeutic response to the medication, a loading dose of Dilantin 1 g, divided into three intakes per day can be used.

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To improve efficiency of Dilantin and reduce the risk of side effects of this anticonvulsant drug, follow recommendations on its use:

  • Do not take high doses of Dilantin to avoid such adverse reactions as nausea, skin rash, allergy, behavioral changes, reduced appetite, fever, and vomiting.
  • Due to the risk of reduction of therapeutic response and antiviral activity, Dilantin is contraindicated to use in combination with reverse transcriptase inhibitors, including Delavirdine (Rescriptor).
  • Alcohol may reduce effectiveness of Dilantin, or lead to an overabundance of this drug in the patient’s blood. Therefore, do not use products with alcohol during therapy of epileptic seizures with Dilantin capsules.
  • If you have allergy to Dilantin, alternatively you can use any other anticonvulsant drug that does not belong to a chemical class of hydantoin.
  • When treatment with Dilantin comes to an end, lower the dose of this drug gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms, such as short-term increase in intensity of epileptic seizures.

Buy Dilantin without prescription to get rid of epileptic seizures and to improve quality of life. Results of clinical studies confirm that Dilantin has a very high efficiency in epilepsy treatment.

When used correctly, Dilantin is well tolerated and has a moderate level of safety. However, some groups of patients are advised to observe safety measures during epilepsy therapy with tablets or capsules Dilantin:

  • Dilantin has a moderate toxic level, but it may cause toxicity symptoms, such as jaundice or leukopenia in patients with hepatic dysfunction. Therefore, patients with hepatic insufficiency should use Dilantin cautiously.
  • Changes of metabolism in pregnant women can lead to a significant increase of Dilantin level in the blood. Therefore, pregnant women may require adjustment of Dilantin dose.
  • Patients with impaired renal or hepatic function are recommended to adjust Dilantin dose. To avoid overdose or adverse reactions, these patients should take Dilantin carefully.

Dilantin affects the cerebral cortex by inhibiting activity of stem centers, which may cause seizures. Dilantin also stabilizes sodium efflux from neurons, thus helping to reduce excitability and reaction of nerve cells to external stimuli.

Thus, Dilantin has a positive impact on the person’s central nervous system and helps to significantly reduce intensity of epileptic seizures. However, Dilantin is not a painkiller, so it should not be used to reduce headaches or gastrointestinal pains in people without epilepsy.

If this anticonvulsant drug is not sold at pharmacies of your city, you can make use of services of online pharmacies and order Dilantin without prescription. In addition, you can buy Dilantin under the generic name Phenytoin in any city.

In Canada, you can also order a complex drug Dilantin W. This medicine is sold in capsules and besides Phenytoin contains 15 mg or 30 mg of second active ingredient – Phenobarbital.