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If you have epilepsy, but anticonvulsants you use fail to cope with seizures, buy Phenytoin. This antiepileptic drug is sold by prescription, but on online pharmacies, you can buy Phenytoin without a prescription.

Various pharmaceutical companies, including Recordati, Pfizer, Park-Davis, Hikma, Hospira, Lannett, Mylan, Watson, Taro and Actavis supply Phenytoin on the international market.

To quickly remove epileptic seizures, buy Dilantin injections that contain 50 mg / ml or 250 mg / ml of active ingredient Phenytoin. You can also order oral forms of Phenytoin online:

  • suspension 6 mg / ml, 125 mg / 5 ml;
  • chewable tablets 50 mg, 100 mg;
  • capsules 30 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg.

For maintenance therapy of epilepsy, medical professionals recommend to buy such branded drugs as Diphenylan Sodium, Phenytek, Phenytex, Dintoina or Epanutin. They contain Phenytoin sodium extended (Sod Ext), which provides a therapeutic effect for about a day.

Phenytoin is similar to barbiturates in their chemical structure. However, unlike such drugs as Secobarbital (Seconal) or Butabarbital (Butalan), Phenytoin does not have a sedative effect.

Phenytoin is prescribed to patients with a clinically diagnosed epilepsy for emergency relief of epileptic seizures or subsequent prevention of this epilepsy symptom.

Phenytoin acts on receptors in the cerebral cortex, reducing level of sodium in them and suppressing seizure activity in them. Thus, Phenytoin helps to reduce the brain response to external pathogens and to stabilize its activity.

Such mechanism of Phenytoin action helps to reduce frequency and intensity of different disorders that epilepsy may cause:

  • mental,
  • cognitive,
  • motor,
  • vegetative,

Phenytoin is effective only when eliminating epileptic seizures. However, therapeutic activity of Phenytoin does not apply to other symptoms of epilepsy, including:

  • absence seizures,
  • change of consciousness,
  • psychomotor seizures,
  • complex focal seizures.

Phenytoin can also be used by patients whose seizures are caused by neurosurgical procedures, sleep disorders, abuse of alcohol or drugs, craniocerebral trauma.

To know how to use this anticonvulsant properly, read a medication guide before to buy Phenytoin without prescription. Proper use of Phenytoin will help you significantly reduce risk of adverse reactions of this antiepileptic drug, such as:

  • drowsiness,
  • insomnia,
  • headache,
  • dizziness,

Antiepileptic drug Phenytoin is contraindicated in patients with impaired renal function or cardiovascular system, as well as women during pregnancy.

If you have a hypersensitivity to Phenytoin, to reduce intensity of epileptic seizures, you can use other drugs in the same class, for example:

  • Vigabatrin (Sabril)
  • Tiagabine (Gabitril)
  • Felbamate (Felbatol)
  • Gabapentin (Gralise)
  • Lamotrigine (Lamictal)
  • Topiramate (Topamax)

Phenytoin is excreted from the body primarily by the kidneys. Therefore, patients with renal insufficiency are recommended to control Phenytoin level in the blood plasma by means of level calculator.

Such testing helps the patients with impaired renal function properly adjust Phenytoin dose and reduce risk of overdose of this anticonvulsant.

Phenytoin can be used as a monotherapy of epilepsy, as well as in combination with other drugs, such as Valproate (Depacon) or Carbamazepine (Carbatrol).

However, these drugs can interact with Phenytoin. Therefore, it is recommended to take precautions when using Phenytoin with these medications.

Buy Phenytoin without prescription right now to effectively control epilepsy symptoms, and thus to increase:

  • working efficiency,
  • quality of life,
  • reproductive function,
  • attentiveness while working,
  • relationships with other people.

Therapeutic dose of Phenytoin is selected individually for each patient with epilepsy, depending on his age, rate of metabolism, kidney and liver functions.

During Phenytoin use, it is recommended to regularly check concentration level of this antiepileptic drug in the blood plasma using the level calculator to determine an optimal dosage for you.

To effectively reduce epilepsy symptoms, it is necessary to constantly maintain a sufficient level of Phenytoin in the blood plasma. Therefore, you should adhere to the recommended dosage schedule of anticonvulsant Phenytoin:

  • Adult patients with healthy kidneys should take oral suspension Phenytoin 5 ml from three to five times a day. Children are recommended to take suspension Phenytoin by 5 mg / kg per day split into two or three equal doses.
  • Start epilepsy treatment with Phenytoin pills in a dose of 300 mg per day. Subsequently, this dose of Phenytoin should be adjusted according to individual tolerability of this anticonvulsant. More than 300 mg of Phenytoin per day is contraindicated in children.

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