Keppra xr online

Keppra – is an antiepileptic drug of a new generation. It is one of the most effective and safest anticonvulsants used to treat resistant cases of epilepsy in children and adults.

Keppra is a trading brand of anticonvulsant agent Levetiracetam widely used to treat epilepsy seizures not only in the United States or Canada, but also in Australia and in the European countries (including Belgium, Germany, and Italy).

If you want to buy Keppra, you should know that this anticonvulsant drug is available at retail pharmacies by prescription only. You can buy Keppra without prescription on online pharmacy.

However, before to order Keppra without prescription online, it is advisable to know exact indications for use of this anticonvulsant and carefully read its instruction.

Clinical trials have shown that Keppra exerts high antiepileptic activity, which is explained by its multi-directional mechanisms of action.

It is believed that Keppra inhibits calcium release from neurons, resulting in:

  • reduction of epileptic activity of neuron;
  • suppression of epileptic neuronal synchronization in their excessive excitability;
  • reduction of zinc influence on receptors of gamma-aminobutyric acid and glycine receptors.

Combination of high efficiency with good safety profile contributes to the fact that Keppra (Levetiracetam) is widely used for treatment of epilepsy in children.

In some countries, Keppra is the only approved antiepileptic drug that can be used as additional therapy of focal seizures in children aged 1 month.

If you want to buy Keppra without prescription for your child, read the drug application and find out in what amount this drug is used in children before to order medication online. Use a dosage, which corresponds the child’s age.

It is proved that Keppra has almost perfect pharmacokinetics. Pharmacokinetic advantages of this antiepileptic drug include:

  • rapid and full absorption
  • high therapeutic index
  • low percentage of protein binding
  • prolonged pharmacodynamic action
  • high oral bioavailability
  • lack of influence on cytochrome P450 enzymes

Keppra demonstrates high efficacy in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, which may develop in childhood or adolescence. Effective application of Keppra as a starting monotherapy in treatment of idiopathic generalized forms of epilepsy in adolescent patients has also been proved.

If you have never used Keppra before, and now you want to order this anticonvulsant without prescription, find out exact dosage regimen and dosage forms before starting to use it.

Keppra is a trademark of UCB Group and is supplied in the following dosage forms on the world market:

  • oral solutions 100mg / ml
  • extended release tablets 500mg; 750mg
  • infusion solutions 500mg / 5ml (100mg / ml)
  • oral tablets 250mg; 500mg; 750mg; 1000mg

Keppra is prescribed in a low dose with a further gradual increase. Titration of daily dose is carried out every 2 weeks by 1000mg. The maximum recommended dose of Keppra for adults makes 3000mg per day.

The daily dose of Keppra for treatment of epileptic seizures in patients from 4 to 16 years old is calculated based on body weight. The starting dose is calculated: Keppra 20mg per 1kg of body weight per day.

The daily dose is divided into two doses and titrated every 14 days. Oral solution Keppra is used to treat children with a body weight below 20kg. The average therapeutic dose of Keppra for adults ranges from 1000 to 3000 mg per day.

Use of Keppra medication in the recommended doses reduces the risk of side effects and contributes to effective antiepileptic therapy.

If you have bought Keppra tablets without prescription, carefully read the drug instruction and find out possible side effects, even if you have already used it.

Despite the fact that the risk of severe adverse reactions of Keppra is relatively low, this antiepileptic drug may cause anxiety, nausea, and fatigue.

Some patients may experience nighttime fears, drowsiness, mood and behavior changes, such as anger and aggression. There is data that prolonged use of Keppra may contribute to weight gain and abdominal pain.

If you cannot find Keppra at a low price at retail pharmacies, you can buy an analogue of Keppra, which is also available without prescription on online pharmacies and has a reasonable price.

Keppra generic drugs are sold under the trade names Kerron, Levetiram, Spritam, Levactam, Kevtam, Levi, Kepcet, Levt, as well as under the international non-proprietary name Levetiracetam.

Thus, given a quite high efficacy, a favorable safety profile and availability of soluble dosage forms (both for parenteral and for oral administration), it can be argued that Keppra is a first-line drug for treatment for epileptic seizures both in adults and in children.