Natural remedies for ADHD

Complementary and alternative medicine has become very popular for the last decades. It caused the appearance of alternative methods of ADHD prophylaxis and treatment. This review will provide you some natural treatment methods of ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

Natural remedies for ADHD are used as monotherapy and are highly effective in the treatment of mild and moderate neuropsychiatric disorders. For severe forms of ADHD, doctors recommend using some natural remedies as a supplement to the psychostimulant or non-stimulant drugs.

Most alternative methods of ADHD therapy are quite affordable, effective and safe. Some of the natural remedies for ADHD in children and adults give a real opportunity to control the treatment and actively participate in making decisions regarding health of the loved ones.

In some cases, natural remedies for ADHD and anger treatment can improve the overall health, yet slightly affect the mental health of people. Therefore, it is very important to control the treatment process and change it if needed. Such methods should be discussed with specialists, before using them in practice.

Balanced diets

Food plays an important role in the functioning of the entire body of both healthy and sick people. If symptoms of mental disorder occur, it is not necessary to use the prescription medications immediately. At the initial treatment, you can use some natural remedies for ADHD treatment and change your diet.

If symptoms of ADHD have decreased a few weeks after the use of natural remedies and a diet therapy, then it is possible that ADHD is caused by the lack of nutrients or excessive amount of chemicals (for instance, colorings and preservatives) in the body. It is believed that a proper nutrition can reduce the symptoms of ADHD in about 65% of patients.

A balanced diet must include foods high in proteins and complex carbohydrates. In addition, people should limit the consumption of sugar and artificial additives. ADHD can be cured quickly and easily if you have normal metabolism.

Microelements and other natural remedies

People can use natural remedies for ADHD and depression treatment without experiencing the deficit in vitamins and minerals. Microelements are effective in elimination of many signs of behavioral disorders, for example, irritability and poor concentration.

There is a long list of nutrients that you can use as natural remedies for ADHD treatment. For instance, vitamin B6 – improves the brain function and provides the synthesis and metabolism of neurotransmitters. Moreover, Vitamin B6 helps to digest magnesium in the gastrointestinal tract, keeping it inside the cells.

The magnesium ions take part in the work of all systems and organs of the human body. Besides that, this microelement plays the main role in regulation of the nervous activity. The compensation of magnesium shortfall increases the stress resistance and strengthens the nervous system.

The list of natural remedies for ADHD contains: zinc, L-carnitine, essential fatty acids and vitamins of all groups. It depends on the symptoms of ADHD which natural remedies you will choose. Please note that not all microelements can be used in unlimited quantities.

Herbal supplement

Herbs may help to tone up and strengthen the psychoemotional state of a person. Some herbs contain potent biologically active substances; therefore, you should better consult a doctor before using any of them.

Natural remedies for ADHD are available in various forms – dry extracts (pills, capsules or powders), tinctures (alcoholates) and glycerites (without alcohol). You can use them alone or in combination with other remedies.

Usually, herbs are recommended as sedative means for people suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders. The most popular herbal remedies for ADHD contain – Passiflora incarnata, Valeriana officinalis, Roman chamomile and Melissa officinalis.

Herbal remedies for ADHD are often used to improve memory and mental acuity. Numerous studies confirmed that herbal supplements do not only reduce the ADHD symptoms, but also improve people’s physical health.

Change of lifestyle

Medications are not the only way to solve the problem of behavioral disorders. Natural remedies for ADHD along with physical exercises are one of the most effective alternative treatments these days.

Various relaxation methods reduce the level of anxiety and impulsiveness in all the age categories of patients with ADHD. A massage within 10-20 minutes a day can improve the behavior and concentration of people, comparing to those who did not have one.

The lifestyle change must provide a calming and relaxing effect. The regularity and structure allow to resist the natural tendency of people with ADHD to create chaos. The daily regimen must be stable. Physical exercises, relaxation, food intake and sleep must take place at the same time every day.

Psychostimulants, non-stimulants or other medication for ADHD treatment should be used if prescribed by the doctor only. Due to many potential side effects of these drugs, the number of people who want to use natural remedies for ADHD is increasing annually.