Lacosamide generic

If you or your loved one is diagnosed with epilepsy, try using one of the best and most commonly used anticonvulsant agents Lacosamide.

Right now, you can buy Lacosamide without prescription and prevent excessive excitation of neurons of the cerebral cortex. Together with Lacosamide, you will also be able to reduce frequency of epileptic seizures by 50% or more.

Having studied Lacosamide review in the FDA, Medsafe or GlobalRPh, you can see that this medicine is used to treat various types of epilepsy. Depending on your preferences and the doctor’s recommendations, you can use the following dosage forms of Lacosamide:

  • Intravenous solution 200mg / ml
  • Oral solution or syrup 10 mg / ml
  • Tablets 50mg, 100mg, 150mg or 200mg

Lacosamide pharmacokinetic properties were studied in patients aged 16 to 87 years. Patients with epilepsy outside this age range should not take Lacosamide.

Syrup and tablets Lacosamide are bioequivalent. Their bioavailability is close to 100%. This means that tablets and syrup Lacosamide are almost completely absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

After oral use of Lacosamide, the maximum concentration of active substance in the blood plasma is achieved within 30 minutes to 4 hours. If Lacosamide solution is administered intravenously, the maximum concentration of active substance in the blood is immediately achieved.

Note that Lacosamide solution for intravenous injections is not commonly used to control repetitive seizures. However, such a pharmaceutical form can be very useful when oral administration of anticonvulsant agent Lacosamide is temporarily not feasible.

Recommendations for Lacosamide use

If you bought Lacosamide without prescription, carefully read prescribing information in the package insert. Lacosamide provides stable results of controlling epileptic seizures only in compliance with recommended dosing schedule.

Food does not affect absorption of Lacosamide, so anti-epileptic drug can be taken with or without food. In the first 7 days of epilepsy treatment, it is necessary to take one Lacosamide 50 mg tab every 12 hours.

Thereafter, the daily dose of Lacosamide is increased to 100mg with 12-hour interval. As a rule, frequency of epileptic seizures is reduced namely in this dosing schedule.

The maintenance daily dose can be increased to 50mg of Lacosamide twice a day (every 7 days). The maximum daily dose of Lacosamide 200 mg every 12 hours should not be exceeded.

As seen from the above, dosing schedule of Lacosamide can and have to change. Therefore, at the beginning of epilepsy treatment, it is better to buy syrup Lacosamide without prescription. Measuring cup allows to measure the doses of Lacosamide that are necessary at this moment of treatment.

At the beginning of treatment of epileptic seizures, you can also order a packaging of Lacosamide without prescription that contains tablets with different dosage strengths (by 14 tablets of Lacosamide 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg). However, not all people are recommended to use the maximum doses, so Lacosamide 150 or 200 mg tablets can be left unused.

Important information about Lacosamide

The mechanism of Lacosamide action is not fully studied, but it is safe to say that the drug has an influence on the brain function. In addition to antiepileptic effect of Lacosamide, in rare cases CNS side effects may occur – double vision, headache and dizziness.

The list of other Lacosamide adverse reactions includes nausea, insomnia, tremor, dry mouth, fatigue, irritability and bloating. In rare cases, aggression, hallucinations, and atrial fibrillation are observed.

The majority of adverse reactions of Lacosamide are mild and do not cause severe discomfort. Frequency of CNS and GIT adverse effects usually decreases over time.

If you bought Lacosamide without prescription, it should be used only for its intended purpose. Lacosamide is included in the list of controlled substances, so do not abuse of this anti-epileptic drug.

In clinical trials, different doses of Lacosamide were tested. Some test participants took from 400mg to 1200mg of Lacosamide per day. An optimal anticonvulsant effect and minimal risk of side effects were observed when using up to 400mg of Lacosamide per day.

Abrupt cessation of using tablets or syrup Lacosamide does not cause symptoms that are related to physical dependence (withdrawal symptom). However, risks of psychological dependence cannot be completely excluded.

Where to buy cheap Lacosamide without prescription?

If you live in the USA, you can use Lacosamide supplied by various pharmaceutical companies (Amneal, Actavis, Msn, Alembic, Aurobindo, Mylan or Sun). Before you buy Lacosamide at pharmacy, find out from the pharmacist what companies offer the lowest prices.

Vimpat is a brand name of Lacosamide. Pharmaceutical company UCB Inc. supplies tablets, syrup and solution for injections Vimpat in different countries of the world.

Today Vimpat is the only Lacosamide-containing drug available at pharmacies in Canada, Australia, UK and some other countries. That is why, price of Vimpat is still high and its decrease is not expected in the near future.

For many people with epilepsy, online pharmacies are the only possibility to buy cheap generic drugs of Lacosamide without prescription. Online pharmacies cooperate with different manufacturers of Lacosamide (e.g., from India), therefore offer the lowest price.