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Methadone is a long-acting synthetic narcotic analgesic. This drug is used in treatment of moderate to severe intensity pain, as well as in the treatment of drug addiction.

Methadone is a controlled drug. Methadone without prescription is not available at regular pharmacies because of strict rules for its manufacture and sale.

Despite the fact that different manufacturers under different brands manufacture Methadone, the active ingredient in all these formulations is Methadone Hydrochloride.

Typically, the manufacturers add certain auxiliary components to the active ingredient, which provide dosing precision and the necessary pharmacodynamic properties.

Methadone is supplied to markets in Canada, Australia and the United States as:

  • oral pills of 5; 10 and 25 mg
  • oral solution of 1 mg/ml; 5 mg/ml; 10mg/ml; 25mg/5ml
  • solution for injections of 10 mg/2 ml; 10mg/5ml; 25mg/ml; 50mg/ml

Methadone is usually prescribed for pain treatment in the ineffectiveness of non-narcotic analgesics. Methadone differs from other narcotic analgesics (e.g., Morphine or Fentanyl) by a longer half-life.

Due to the long therapeutic effect, Methadone is better for the treatment of chronic pain, rather than acute post-surgery one. Therefore, this synthetic opioid is used to effectively reduce pain in cancer, severe arthritis or back injuries.

The patients believe that there are different types of Methadone. However, it is not true. Methadone-containing medicines, approved by the health systems, are manufactured under the GMP standards.

These medications are quality controlled and may be sold not only at local drugstores, but also on the online pharmacies. The drug quality and compound differ in the uncertified Methadone and Methadone, used in substitution therapy.

Methadone, available on the streets, is associated with the risk of illegal use of drugs and damage to health. So, if you want to buy Methadone without prescription, you are recommended to use the services of online pharmacies.

When ordering Methadone pills on an online pharmacy, you can be sure of the quality, efficacy, and safety of the analgesic drug.

Besides, through buying Methadone without prescription on the online pharmacy, you avoid problems, associated with illegal drug using, since the drug sales online are legal.

Before starting to use the painkiller Methadone, learn carefully its application methods and the mechanism of action.

Methadone is proved to be a full agonist of μ-opioid receptors and to suppress the activity of the NMDA receptors in the CNS. Methadone is believed to bind to liver and lung cells and penetrating into the systemic circulation to start its action.

Note that the efficiency of Methadone in neuropathic pain treatment has not been determined. The Canadian Pain Society recommends to prescribe Methadone for the treatment of neuropathic pain as a 4th line drug.

Today, the main therapeutic use of Methadone is substitution therapy in treatment of opioid dependence (opiate addiction).

If you are being treated for opioid dependence, and you urgently need to buy Methadone pills without prescription, you may purchase this synthetic medicine on the online pharmacy. Even if you are experienced in taking Methadone, read the instructions and learn the dosage regimen before applying.

Methadone is a long-acting drug, so it does not cause euphoria, like other narcotic analgesics. Clinical studies have shown that correct doses of Methadone help stop the addiction without drowsiness or euphoria.

The maintenance dose of Methadone usually ranges from 12 to 32 mg, but requires individual adjustment. Low doses of Methadone relieve withdrawal symptoms, however, are not effective for treating heroin addiction.

To quit heroin consumption, many patients require high doses of Methadone – from 60 to 120mg per day. However, some patients achieve high effect with this opioid analgesic dose of 5-10mg.

Methadone is believed to be harmful to the liver. Yet, research has shown that despite the fact that the opioid analgesic is metabolized in the liver, it does not have any adverse effects on it.

Intake of any drug forms of Methadone is safe for patients with severe liver disease and hepatitis. Moreover, Methadone is allowed during pregnancy; it is considered the drug of choice in treatment of heroin and opioid addiction in pregnant women.

To treat drug addiction in pregnant, you may buy Methadone without prescription online, since this opioid is harmless for the fetus development.

Methadone is considered an effective and safe drug for treatment of opioid addiction. It is supplied to the world market under the trade names of Metadol, Synastone, Physeptone, Dolophine, and Methadose.

The opioid analgesic Methadone means effective control over opioid addiction. It helps people return to normal life.