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Naltrexone – is a drug used to get rid of alcohol dependence, as well as an adjunct after cancellation of opioid analgesics. Patients suffering from alcohol dependence, as well as experiencing problems after using opioids can buy Naltrexone without prescription.

Naltrexone refers to a pharmaceutical group of drugs called opioid receptor antagonists. This group of receptors is essential in spread and severity of painful symptoms. In consequence of opiates use, patients often experience side effects or drug dependence.

Alcohol is not an opioid receptor agonist. But despite this, many negative effects of alcohol impact are realized through the endogenous opioid system.

Naltrexone is able to block opioid receptors, thereby preventing an increased release of dopamine, which is a basis of narcogene effect of psychoactive substances.

Advantages of using Naltrexone for treatment of alcohol and opioid dependence:

  • significantly reduces frequency of using alcohol and opiates;
  • most patients well tolerate action of the opioid antagonist;
  • statistical data demonstrates that use of Naltrexone significantly improves patients’ quality of life.

To get rid of alcohol and opiate addiction, it is possible to use three dosage forms of Naltrexone:

  • tablets 50 mg;
  • solution for injections 380 mg;
  • implant for subcutaneous administration.

Each of these dosage forms of Naltrexone is sold without prescription on online pharmacies.

By the beginning of using Naltrexone, the patient should not use opioid analgesics or other psychostimulants at least 7-10 days. To get rid of symptoms of opioid dependence, the starting dose of Naltrexone makes 25 mg per day. If opioid antagonist is well tolerated by the patient, the daily dose can be increased to 50 mg.

In order to get rid of alcohol addiction by means of the opioid antagonist, it is enough to take daily Naltrexone 50 mg. The duration of using the drug makes at least three months.

Injectable form of Naltrexone is easy to use and well tolerated by patients. However, validity period of the injections is shorter than that of implants – one month.

Injectable Naltrexone should be administered intramuscularly only. Naltrexone dose makes 380 mg and it is administered once a month under supervision of the treating physician. Before prescribing a course of application of Naltrexone injectable forms, there is no need to take the opioid antagonist tablets.

To fight alcoholism and opioid dependence, not only tablets and injections Naltrexone can be used. Some patients are prescribed with Naltrexone implant, which just as pills is sold online without prescription.

Naltrexone implant is installed only in muscle tissue with a good blood supply. Incision is made on the area of skin and implant is inserted under the skin by means of a special syringe container.

Depending on the validity period, the implant may contain various dosage forms of Naltrexone:

  • 400 mg – the implant is administered for one month;
  • 800 mg – 2.5 months;
  • 1600 mg – 5 months.

Use of Naltrexone implant effectively reduces alcohol craving and eliminates consequences of withdrawal symptoms after using opioid analgesics. Advantages of using Naltrexone implant:

  • longer duration of action – 1-5 months;
  • absence of necessity of daily use of the opioid antagonist;
  • is more effective in therapy of opioid analgesics dependence than tablets and injections Naltrexone;
  • is characterized by better tolerability compared to oral and injectable forms of the opioid antagonist.

Among disadvantages of using Naltrexone implanted form, surgical procedure of administration and cosmetic defects should be noted. Furthermore, use of Naltrexone implant does not always provide a prolonged enough blockade of opioid receptors in some patients.

Naltrexone is not able to immediately get rid of alcohol addiction. But after one or two applications, the opioid antagonist significantly reduces craving for alcohol and increases intervals between consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It is well established that use of Naltrexone promotes if not complete abandonment of alcohol use, then at least reduction of frequency and amount of consumption of alcoholic beverages. To increase Naltrexone efficiency, its use should be combined with psychotherapeutic effects.

Naltrexone was first synthesized in 1963 by a company Endo Laboratories. The drug under the name Endo 1639A was used to get rid of opioid dependence. In 1984, Naltrexone was approved in the USA for treatment of heroin and morphine addiction.

Currently, a drug Revia (Naltrexone) 50 mg and solution for injections Vivitrol (Naltrexone) 380 mg are sold in the USA.

Today, one can order Naltrexone online without prescription not only in USA, but also in Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK, Netherlands, Brazil and many other countries. Price on this opioid antagonist depends on choice of specific online pharmacy.