Opana 15 mg

Most of the diseases are associated with pain of varying intensity. If you are ill and have an unbearable pain, discover one of the best and most effective analgesics (painkillers) Opana.

Opana belongs to the group of drugs, known as opioid agonists. Opana has a powerful analgesic effect and helps even when similar drugs are ineffective.

Today, you may buy Opana without a prescription in the form of immediate release tablets and extended release (ER) tablets. Opana solution for injections is also available for sale, but this pharmaceutical form is less adapted for home use, than the tablets.

The analgesic drug Opana contains the active substance Oxymorphone Hydrochloride. Conventional Opana tablets contain 5mg or 10mg of Oxymorphone. Opana ER tablets contain 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg or 40mg of Oxymorphone.

Opana tablets reduce the excitability of nerve cells and disrupt the transmission of pain impulses. When a patient uses the recommended doses of Opana, his pain is reduced or eliminated.

Recommended use of Opana

Opana exerts its analgesic effect immediately after the first dose. However, the optimal analgesic effect occurs within the first three days of treatment.

One or two immediate release Opana tablets of 10mg approximately every 5 hours is the recommended dose for the beginning of pain treatment. The food, especially high in fat, slows the rate of Oxymorphone absorbability. Therefore, Opana tablets should be taken at least 60 minutes before or 120 minutes after a meal.

The daily dosage of Opana should be gradually increased for obtaining a proper analgesic effect. The recommended daily doses of Opana should be reviewed every 6-12 months, if the patient requires a long-term pain management.

Buying ER Opana pills without a prescription would be a better choice for you, if you want to maintain a stable blood concentration of the active substances Oxymorphone and constantly control chronic pain. You should take one ER Opana tablet of 5-40 mg every 12 hours, depending on the intensity of the pain.

If you have taken conventional Opana tablets earlier and you need to use ER tablets now, remember to maintain the same overall total daily dose.

If you have previously used other opioid analgesics, you may directly switch to Opana. For example, if you have been taking 40mg of Oxycodone (OxyContin) per day to control the pain, you need to take 20mg of Opana per day.

More information about Opana

Opana is an opioid analgesic. Just like other drugs of this class, Opana abuse may cause physical and psychological dependence.

Do not take more than 20 mg of Opana at a time, when you are starting the pain treatment. So, if you have never used opioid analgesics, it is first better to buy Opana 10mg, 15mg or 20mg pills without a prescription.

Hypnotic effect manifests very often during the treatment with Opana. This effect may be considered a side effect. However, it is very useful when the pain disturbs patient’s sleep.

The list of frequent side effects of Opana also includes nausea, constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache and dizziness. Rare side effects of Opana are tachycardia, hypotension, allergic reactions, hallucinations, fainting and loss of body weight.

The analgesic effect of Opana may be accompanied by a decrease in cognitive ability and mental status changes. The longer and more often you take Opana, the higher the risk of such disorders (e.g., anxiety, lethargy, mental disorders, depression, weakness, and euphoria).

If you started taking Opana, you should completely abandon the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Combined use of Opana with alcohol increases the risk of severe side effects and overdose.

Avoid taking other pain medications, including other pharmaceutical classes, when using Opana. Combined administration of painkillers may adversely affect the analgesic effect of Opana and accelerate the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms.

Opana generics without a prescription

Opana is a brand-name drug that you may buy in the US pharmacies. Endo Pharmaceutical Company specializes in the development of branded pharmaceuticals, generic products, over-the-counter medications and supplies Opana in the United States.

Opana went on sale in 2006. However, a variety of analgesics also contains the active substance Oxymorphone. Today in the US, you may buy Opana generics, produced by more than 10 pharmaceutical companies, including Actavis (USA), Teva (Israel) and Sun (India).

The term of patent protection on Oxymorphone expired many years ago, so today any pharmaceutical company may produce generic versions of this painkiller. Such drugs are identical in efficacy, safety, and therefore, you may use the cheapest of them to control the pain.

If you want to buy Opana generics without a prescription at the lowest price, you may search for this analgesic in online pharmacies. If you want to get a discount for generic Opana, you may use coupons or special offers.

It takes just a few minutes to order Opana without prescription in an online pharmacy. Use the express delivery, if you need an Oxymorphone-containing medication urgently.