Pain pill constipation relief

The reasons adults may experience constipation are very diverse. They may include a passive lifestyle, improper diet, stress, intake of certain medications.

It is considered that a pain pill most often may cause constipation comparing to all other drugs. Thus, it is established that narcotic analgesics lead to a significant slowdown of the food movement through the thin and large intestine.

This all contributes to the occurrence of constipation, discomfort and lower back and/or abdominal pain. For this reason, people taking pain pills are recommended to use effective remedies for constipation relief.

If you are prescribed with a pain pill, do not rush immediately to take constipation medications (laxatives). One of the ways to solve this delicate problem is to use natural remedies and changes in diet.

Only if these measures are not as effective as your condition requires, you should start taking laxatives.

If you take any pain pill, the following natural remedies will help to relieve constipation:

  • increase in the amount of liquid consumed (1.5 to 2.5 liters per day);
  • foods rich in dietary fibers (vegetables, cereals, lentil, barley, prunes);
  • restriction of caloric content of food and use of products rich in healthy fats (avocados, extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish).

Another effective constipation relief for those who take pain pills can be castor oil, which has a pronounced laxative effect.

When constipation is not amenable to treatment with home remedies, the patient is prescribed with laxatives available over-the-counter and by prescription.

Although various types of laxatives are sold at pharmacies, consult your physician before buying a medication for constipation relief.

Take caution when combining pain pills with medicines used for constipation relief, as these drugs may interact and affect the therapeutic effectiveness of each other.

The following OTC laxatives will help quickly and effectively relieve constipation:

  • Miralax;
  • Citrucel;
  • Dulcolax;
  • Senokot.

If there is a need for a longer intake of pain pills, the doctor can prescribe the following prescription medications for constipation relief:

  • Linzess (Linaclotide);
  • Cholac (Lactulose);
  • Amitiza (Lubiprostone);
  • Trulance (Plecanatide).

Therefore, the decision to take a drug for the constipation treatment caused by using pain pills, as well as the choice of a therapeutic dose can be prescribed by a doctor only.