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What is Carbamazepine?

Carbamazepine is related to a class of drugs known as anticonvulsants. Carbamazepine can also be classified as a neuroleptic, psychotropic or anti-seizure drug.
Carbamazepine was synthesized in the middle of the last century, and yet its relevance is not reduced. Previous and new clinical trials showed that Carbamazepine effectively reduces pain and cramps by controlling nerve impulses.

Today Carbamazepine is used for treatment of various neurological conditions, including pain accompanied by muscle spasms in different parts of the body. From the review on Carbamazepine on wiki, you can learn that this drug is used to treat:

  • neuropathic pain and epilepsy.
  • as combined with other drugs – schizophrenia.
  • bipolar disorder, as a second-line drug.However, either wiki or other sources do not mention that Carbamazepine is also effective to:
  • control the face pain caused by the partial disorder of the trigeminal nerve.
  • prevent bipolar disorder.

In most countries of the world, Carbamazepine is available in several pharmaceutical forms. Depending on the doctor’s recommendations, symptoms and severity of neurological pathologies, you can buy without prescription:

  • Carbamazepine pills.
  • Carbamazepine suspension.
  • Chewable pills of Carbamazepine.
  • Sustained-release capsules of Carbamazepine.

Recommendations on Carbamazepine use

To treat epilepsy, schizophrenia, pain and other neurological disorders, Carbamazepine pills of 100mg and 200mg are most commonly used. Carbamazepine 100mg suspension is specifically good to those with difficulties to swallow pills.

Sustained release capsules contain 300mg or 400mg of Carbamazepine. If for treatment of diseases, constant blood concentration of the active substance should be maintained, it is better to use Carbamazepine capsules rather than tablets.

  • At the beginning of treatment of neurological disorders, the minimum daily doses of Carbamazepine (100-400mg) are recommended.
  • Gradually, the daily dosage should be increased up to 800-1200mg of Carbamazepine.
  • For treatment of severe pain and severe conditions, a Carbamazepine daily dose may be increased up to 1600-2000mg.
  • For prophylaxis of bipolar disorder, 400mg of Carbamazepine is to be used per day.

Carbamazepine can be indicated to children, including under five years old. Dosage is prescribed depending on the body weight. A daily dose of Carbamazepine for children can be split into five separate intakes.

During treatment of neurological diseases, it is important to maintan a level of the active substance of Carbamazepine in blood. Therefore a daily Carbamazepine dose should be split into several doses at regular intervals.

If you use Carbamazepine pills, better take them 3-4 times a day every 6-8 hours. The dosage may be changed considering the sleeping time or the enhanced pain intensity in certain time of day.

If you want to control pain and spasms without often pill intakes, better choose Carbamazepine ER or XR capsules without prescription. Probably the price of Carbamazepine capsules are higher a bit comparing to the pills, however spending a little more money, you get additional benefits.

For treatment of mild neurological diseases, one Carbamazepine capsule is enough to take every 24 hours. If it is insufficient to control pain or cramps, one Carbamazepine capsule to be taken every 12 hours.

Also application of Carbamazepine capsules means less risk of side effects. It because a Carbamazepine level remains stable in the body when using capsules, and we know that side effects often occur at peak levels of the drug active component in blood.

Additional information

Carbamazepine usually is not toxic and does not cause problems. However, this drug is an anticonvulsant affecting the brain, so the side effects risk can not be completely excluded.
Side effects from Carbamazepine can be expressed as low platelet and white blood cell count, fatigue, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, fluid retention, edema, weight gain, and digestive disorders.
Do not take Carbamazepine during pregnancy. Always follow the recommended dosage. High doses of Carbamazepine increase the risk of side effects, improper use may cause an overdose.

Carbamazepine Generics

Today, you can buy generics of Carbamazepine without prescription at the best price. This type medications have been used in medical practice for many decades, their manufacture is not innovative or expensive, so Carbamazepine generics have the low price.

Carbamazepine generics contain the same amount of the active substance, are prescribed in the same indications, similar in risks and benefits, meet the same quality standards and therefore are pharmaceutical equivalents.

If you want to buy without prescription Carbamazepine manufactured by the famous and large pharmaceutical companies, you can order this drug under the brand names of Tegretol, Carbatrol, Epitol, Equetro, Teril, Carbagen or Tenkepine. These drugs are popular in Canada, the Netherlands, USA, UK, Australia, and some other countries.

If you want to use the anti-seizure agent which was not advertised for huge money, you can order online Carbamazepine generics under the international nonproprietary name of Carbamazepine.