Escitalopram 10 mg

Escitalopram is an antidepressant for relief of symptoms of mental disorders. Escitalopram is effective for treatment of different types of phobias, anxiety disorders and depression of any severity. At regular drugstores, Escitalopram is available under prescription only. However you can buy Escitalopram without prescription on online pharmacies.

Escitalopram is related to antidepressants from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters, which deficiency causes such disorders as panic, irritability, and anxiety.

Under Escitalopram effect, serotonin is produced in the brain cells. Besides, the antidepressant inhibits neurotransmitter reuptake in the space between neurons. As a result, serotonin concentration in the brain increases.

It is noteworthy that, comparing to other SSRIs, Escitalopram is characterized by the highest selectivity to serotonin receptors. That is, Escitalopram is the most effective antidepressant in its class. At the same time, the antidepressant does not affect (or affects slightly) the other receptors. This selectivity significantly reduces the risk of side effects.

If you are planning to buy Escitalopram without prescription, online pharmacies offer two forms of the antidepressant drug:

  • pills of 5, 10, 15 and 20 mg;
  • 20 mg /ml oral solution.

In Escitalopram manufacture, Oxalate can be used as a base.

For elimination of depression symptoms, Escitalopram should be taken once a day, regardless of meal. In depression, a daily dose of Escitalopram makes 10 mg. The first signs of the improved psychological state are observed in 14-30 days of the antidepressant application.

Panic attacks or phobia symptoms require daily administration of 5 mg Escitalopram for 7 days. Later the daily dose of Escitalopram should be increased to 10 mg, and the antidepressant application should be continued from a few weeks to 3 months.

Regardless of psychological disorders and symptom severity, the daily dose of Escitalopram should not exceed 20 mg. Upon the main symptoms of depressive disorders disappeared, the antidepressant application should be continued to avoid the disease recurrence. Escitalopram use should be gradually ceased reducing the daily dose for over 7-14 days.

Overdosing with Escitalopram (high doses above 20 mg per day) usually does not cause severe side effects and passes without consequences for the organism. In rare cases, an overdose of Escitalopram may cause dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation and high blood pressure.

Advantages to get buying Escitalopram without prescription:

  • effective elimination of the main depression symptoms at any severity;
  • evident reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms in a week of use;
  • higher cardiovascular safety comparing to other antidepressants from the SSRIs group.

Usually, to develop antidepressants takes 5-6 years. The development includes the chemical synthesis of the molecule, investigations on the drug effect on the brain, clinical trials, etc. Escitalopram was developed for over 3 years.

Researches and development Escitalopram began in summer 1997. Two pharmaceutical companies – Danish Lundbeck and American Forest Laboratories were engaged in the development of a new antidepressant. In August 1999, the first clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Escitalopram enrolling subjects with various mental disorders.

The first results of clinical trials of Escitalopram, a new antidepressant, were published the end of 2000. The drug was approved and widely accepted. By mid-2002 Escitalopram was approved in most European countries.

The FDA approved the new drug as an agent for treatment of severe and prolonged depression in August 2002. Escitalopram is used in USA to treat common psychological disorders: anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, etc from December 2003.

When planning to buy Escitalopram without prescription, you should know that the anti-depressant is available in different countries under various brand names. For example, in the USA Escitalopram pills or oral solution are available under the brand name of Lexapro.

In several countries, such as Spain and Finland, Escitalopram without prescription is available under the brand name of Cipralex. In Spain only Cipralex pills are sold, and Cipralex oral solution is available in Finland.

Other brands of Escitalopram, popular in European countries, are Cesopil, Esipral, Heipram, Esertia, Escimylan, Escilan, Entact and Diprex. Chile is known to sell the most Escitalopram-based products among all the countries in Latin America. This antidepressant is sold at Chilean pharmacies under the brand names: Arel, Celtium, Ecitalex, Ectiban, Erliniz, Escitavitae, and Etalokare.