Buy lorazepam 1mg

Lorazepam is a powerful benzodiazepine anxiolytic, used to treat anxiety disorders in adults and adolescents aged 12 or older.

Lorazepam was synthesized for the first time in the 60-ies of the last century in the United States. Even so, Lorazepam is still one of the most used and prescribed benzodiazepines in Western Europe (including the UK and Spain), Canada and the United States.

If you want to buy Lorazepam, find out more about the action of this drug and its method of use before you go to the pharmacy. If you want to buy Lorazepam without prescription, you may find it in the online pharmacies of your city.

Lorazepam is considered a safe and effective drug for short-term use, although paradoxical effects are sometimes possible in its use.

So, you should carefully read the instructions for Lorazepam before you start using this anti-anxiety medication, no matter whether you purchased it with or without a prescription.

Unlike other benzodiazepines, Lorazepam has a number of different pharmacokinetic features:

  • low lipophilicity
  • low tendency to accumulation
  • short half-life

Such Lorazepam features provide a high safety profile and efficacy of the drug in elderly patients, as well as in patients with severe liver diseases.

However, studies have shown that Lorazepam has a broad spectrum of psychotropic effects, and exerts a sedative (hypnotic), amnestic, antiaggressive and antimanic effect.

It is believed that Lorazepam stimulates the suppression of the brain neurons activity, and exerts the following effects:

  • anxiolytic
  • miorelaksiruyuschee
  • anticonvulsant
  • vegetostabilizing

If you have never used Lorazepam and want to buy it without prescription, you should know how this anxiety medication works. Lorazepam is proven to enhance the action of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain.

Consequently, GABA exerts the inhibitory effect on the brain cells, which results into the calming effect. Besides the calming action, Lorazepam also induces muscles relaxation, thus helping reduce physical strain.

Lorazepam is also capable of potentiating the antidepressants and antipsychotics effects, while simultaneously reducing their side effects. Other drugs of the benzodiazepines may also be used for the anxiety treatment, like Diazepam (Valium), or Alprazolam (Xanax).

As the clinical trials show, Lorazepam compared to Diazepam has a relatively short half-life (about 10 hours) and has a lasting effect in emergency use.

Probably, this is contributed by the fact that Lorazepam, unlike Diazepam, exerts a lower respiratory depression effect and has a smaller volume of distribution. The favorable pharmacokinetics and high tolerability of Lorazepam allows you using this drug for the insomnia and anxiety treatment in patients older than 65 years.

If you decide to buy Lorazepam without prescription, you should know the dosage forms of this anxiolytic to choose the one that is the most convenient and efficient for you.

Lorazepam is supplied to the US and Western Europe countries in the form of:

  • oral tablets of 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, 2.5 mg
  • sublingual tablets of 0.5 mg, 1mg, 2 mg
  • injectable solution of 1mg/0.5ml, 2mg/ml, 4mg/ml
  • oral solution of 0.5mg/5ml, 2mg/ml

Lorazepam does not produce active metabolites and is well absorbed when administered intramuscularly. Lorazepam may be taken every 2 hours at a dose of 1-2 mg (orally or intramuscularly) for relieving agitation.

For best results, Lorazepam dosing regimen is adjusted individually according to the patient’s response to therapy. Typically, the recommended dose ranges between 2 and 6 mg of Lorazepam per day.

The daily dose is divided into two intakes, and the largest of them is taken in the evening before bedtime. The daily dose is 2 to 4 mg of Lorazepam for insomnia, caused by anxiety.

If necessary, the daily dose of this antianxiety medication is increased until the desired result is achieved. Lorazepam causes literally no dangerous side effects in its short-term use.

However, it should not be combined with Clozapine, since the combination of these two antipsychotics may cause respiratory depression, deep sedation, and other side effects.

Read the list of possible side effects, if you buy Lorazepam without prescription and without consulting a specialist. Carefully read this manual, since the awareness of the potential adverse reactions helps prevent many complications.

Lorazepam is available on the international market under a variety of trade names. The most famous Lorazepam brands are Ativan, Tolid, Lorazium, Control, Temesta, Lorans, Tavor, Zeloram, Loralin, and Lorxagen.

Good tolerability, short half-life and a lack of tendency for drug accumulation in the body make Lorazepam one of the most effective antianxiety medications.