How to treat depression without medication

Depressive condition is the leading mental disorder in young Americans. With so many suffering from such condition, the pharmacological market has produced a lot of antidepressants. But medications are not the only choice for those people who suffer from different types of depression. If you wondered how to treat depression without medication, there are some effective methods. The good technique is called as the “Bulletproof method” against depression.

Bulletproof methods for treatment of depression without medication:

  1. Changing yours activity

Breathing fresh air & basking in sunlight to restore yours body’s vitamin D degrees. Spend time outside every single day. As possible, leave the city & go for a walk in the woods or apply a drive to the nearest lake. Light therapy’s products can assist replace the sun’s rays.  Sticking to a busy daily routine is an essential way to escape the blues.

  1. Change yours thinking patterns

Tackle manageable issues that make you feel sad and unsure in your forces. Set solution-oriented goals. Keep follow of yours progress in a journal. Express yourself to retreat from life & avert communicating a lot with any different people, but it only gets poor as you keep emotions bottled up inward. Nourish yours spiritual side.  Be kind to yourself.

  1. Practice self-care instead of depression

Eat foods with antidepressant properties like salmon, walnuts, food with healthy fats, like avocados & coconuts. Try natural cures for anxiety. St. John’s Wort is a famous natural supplement which is said to cure depressive condition & anxiety.

The most effectual non-drug methods against depression

Exercise – multiple trails show the positive consequences of aerobic exercises from cardiovascular conditions to emotional improvements. The latest review of accessible evidence shows which exercise may be as terrific as medical preparations in treating depressive condition. If you are interested in how to treat depression without medication, start from exercising more.

Sunlight – in a case you know something about seasonal depression; you may already consider how essential sunlight can improve mood. The 2014 research shows that serotonin discharge by the brain is directly connected to the exposure to bright sunlight.

Good sleep – terrific night’s sleep helps to relieve mood. The research shows acquiring 5 hrs of sleep a night may boost our risk of acquiring depressive condition to 53%.

Acupuncture is increasingly being used as a natural therapy for depressive condition.  It is one of the best alternatives if you wonder how to treat depression without medication.

How to treat depression without medication at home?

  • Acquiring 30 mins of exercise 3-5 times a week benefits many aspects of yours health, being the best antidepressant therapies for those who don’t like antidepressants;
  • Spending few times in the sun may be a terrific way to boost serotonin;
  • Acquiring the advised 7-9 hrs of sleep at night will make you feel greater;
  • A cup or two of coffee will wake you up and lift your spirit;
  • Pursuing a Mediterranean diet will make you a happier individual.

It is possible to treat depression without medication but such choice requires a lot of physical and mental efforts and certain changes in a routine lifestyle. Do not provide experiments with your health – if you are not sure how to treat depression without medication, please visit a psychotherapist to get better from professional medical assistance. You can fill your supply of RX antidepressants by means of online drugstores – such decision will save you couple of bucks and will let you hide the condition from strangers.