Where to buy generic zipsor online

Zipsor is a drug that helps get rid of pain symptoms of various origin and severity. In addition, patients, prone to such diseases, as arthritis, osteoarthritis and low back pain, should buy Zipsor without prescription for the symptomatic treatment of pain.

The analgesic activity of Zipsor is carried out by Diclofenac. It is a well-known analgesic agent that belongs to the pharmaceutical class of “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAID). Zipsor prevents generation of arachidonic acid. This acid promotes the synthesis of biologically active substances, which are the source of pain.

Topical Zipsor application contributes not only to the analgesic, but also to the anti-inflammatory and antipyretic (reduction of elevated body temperature) effects. Once inside, Zipsor is completely absorbed, has an absolute bioavailability and half-life of 60 minutes.

Unlike other Diclofenac-based drugs, which are sold without prescription, Zipsor is produced in a unique dosage form – capsules filled with liquid. The advantages of this oharmaceutical form are:

  • complete and rapid capsule dissolution;
  • increase of the drug substance absorption rate;
  • absence of special additives, such as softeners and Paraben;
  • ensuring a high protection level of the active ingredient from the ingress of moisture and oxygen.

To eliminate the symptoms of severe or moderate pain, take one 25 mg Zipsor capsule 1-4 times a day. Do not rush to the administration of each consequent capsule. Regardless of the pain intensity and the symptoms severity, you should always use only the minimum effective dose of Zipsor. The duration of analgesic use should be as short as possible.

Patients with severe liver disorders are recommended using only minimum Zipsor dose of 25 mg once daily. If the pain symptoms in these patients persist, they should stop using Zipsor and switch to other pain medications.

During the application of Zipsor, you may not replace this analgesic by other Diclofenac-containing pharmaceutical products. Twenty five milligrams of  Diclofenac, contained in one Zipsor capsule, are not equivalent to 25 mg of the active substance, contained in tablets or capsules of other drugs. All Diclofenac-containing dosage forms have various pharmacokinetic data and therapeutic strength of the active substance.

Having ordered Zipsor without prescription, the patient may be sure that he bought the drug, which has all the characteristics, required for an effective NSAID:

  • highly effective for eliminating pain symptoms;
  • is characterized by an optimal ratio of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • provides a rapid onset of analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • has an accessible and convenient form of application – capsules filled with liquid.

Zipsor was not the first Diclofenac-based analgesic, but it is the first drug in the USA, in which the NSAID is produced in the form of capsules, filled with liquid. The request for approval of the new drug was sent to the FDA in September 2007 by Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals.

Almost a year later, on July 22, 2008, the representatives of Xanodyne received a letter from the FDA, confirming the approval of the drug Zipsor. June 17, 2009 a significant addition was introduced into the indications for use of Zipsor – NSAID was indicated for use only in persons aged 18 and older.

In just one year – since May 2011 till May 2012 – the volume of Zipsor sales in the USA exceeded $ 19 million. On July 21, 2012, the pharmaceutical company Depomed purchased from the rights for Zipsor sale in the USA from Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals. The cost of the transaction amounted to $ 25.9 million.

The official website of Zipsor manufacturer offers two options to save money, when buying this painkiller. However, both offers are valid only for the owners of prescriptions for Zipsor.

The first Zipsor purchase option with a discount is to obtain a discount card. Holders of prescription for 28-59 Zipsor capsules are provided with a discount of $ 70. With a prescription for 60 or more capsules, you may buy Zipsor $ 100 cheaper.

The second option for obtaining a discount for Zipsor purchase is the prescription for this analgesic from the following pharmacy chains: Costco Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Kroger Pharmacy, Publix Pharmacy, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Safeway Pharmacy, Sam’s Club Pharmacy, Target Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy and Walmart Pharmacy.

Yet, if the patient does not have a prescription for this analgesic, he may order Zipsor without prescription on other online pharmacies. However, we recommend that you review more information about Zipsor before buying the drug. You may do it, for example, by reading the reliable information about the therapeutic properties of Zipsor on such a popular resource, as Wikipedia.