Exalgo er 8 mg

Exalgo is used when you need to effectively get rid of moderate to severe pain. The analgesic is useful for those patients found other pain medications ineffective. On any online pharmacy you can buy Exalgo without prescription.

Exalgo pills may contain 8, 12, 16 and 32 mg of active ingredient Hydromorphone. Opioid analgesic agent Hydromorphone is a derivative of Morphine. But an analgesic effect of Hydromorphone is provided much faster comparing to Morphine due to better dissolving in the blood plasma.

Although Exalgo exceeds Morphine by the onset of pain relief, its analgesic effect lasts not long. However the short-term analgesic effect of Exalgo reduces the risk of side effects, peculiar to Morphine.

The first signs of relief in pain symptoms are observed in half an hour after oral administration of Exalgo. Within 6-8 hours after application, the analgesic concentration in the blood is gradually increased and reaches a maximum in 14-16 hours. Exalgo concentration in the blood remains stable throughout the day.

Buying Exalgo without prescription, it is important to follow the recommendations on its use:

  • select carefully a dose;
  • Exalgo pills should be taken once a day at about the same time, with a glass of water
  • during the application of Exalgo, the patient’s condition should be constantly monitored.

Such factors as the patient’s age and weight should be considered choosing a dosage of Exalgo. In addition, you should take into account a drug or a group of drugs used before Exalgo. This analgesic may be administered to patients with high resistance to other opioid analgesics.

In other words, a patient should not take Exalgo as a first-line therapy. The patient should have used opioid analgesics before indicating Exalgo.

If during application of Exalgo, the patient is not taking any opioid analgesics, then the pain killer should be started with a minimum dose – 4 mg of Exalgo per day. If the patient tolerates well Exalgo within the next three days,, the daily dose can be increased to 8 mg.

If the patient has bought Exalgo without prescription, but is using other opiates, a dose of the analgesic should be calculated using a converter of opiate doses. With converter values, doses are reliably selected for two or more opioids.

Doses of Exalgo and other opiates in simultaneous use should be adjusted once every three days. The further use of the analgesic should be carefully assessed throughout Exalgo therapy. Upon the maximum therapeutic dose of Exalgo is reached, the analgesic can be taken up to full disappearance of pain symptoms.

To cease the application of Exalgo, doses should be gradually decreased. The daily dose of Exalgo is to be reduced twice every two days until it reaches the minimum – 4 mg. If you experience symptoms of addiction, the opioid dose can be slightly increased until full disappearance of withdrawal symptoms.

Because of the opioid analgesic abuse, Exalgo addiction can be observed. A withdrawal syndrome of Exalgo may develop as a result of misuse, including:

  • sudden increase in dosage;
  • application of the opioid more than once a day;
  • sudden cessation of Exalgo;
  • application of the opioid analgesic in weak pain;
  • unnecessarily prolonged application of Exalgo upon pain symptom disappearance.

Buying Exalgo without prescription, users on many online forums often asked the question: “Why Exalgo can not be replaced with Dilaudid – another analgesic that contains Hydromorphone?».

  • Firstly, Dilaudid contains lower doses of Hydromorphone and to be taken 6-8 times a day;
  • Second, in addition to tablets, Dilaudid liquid suspension and injections are available.
  • Third, when using Dilaudid, risk of drug addiction is considerably higher comparing to Exalgo.

The same comparison criteria can be applied to Exalgo and another opioid analgesic – Opana. Although Opana contains another active ingredient – Oxymorphone – just like Dilaudid it is available as tablets and injectable solution, and can be used as first-line therapy for pain.

Exalgo was developed by pharmaceutical company ALZA Corporation. In June 2009, Mallinckrodt Inc. (Part of Covidien) acquired the rights to Exalgo. On September 23, 2009, the analgesic was submitted to the FDA’s approval. On March 1, 2010 Exalgo was approved by the FDA as an analgesic for treatment of severe and prolonged pain.

On August 27, 2012, in the United States, Exalgo tablets containing 32 mg of Hydromorphone were approved for sale. In the period from January 2013 to February 2014, the total volume of Exalgo sales in the USA exceeded $ 230 million. To date, Exalgo is sold without prescription only on online pharmacies.