Pain Zapper relief pills

Pain is the most unpleasant sensation a person can experience. It may occur for various reasons, thus people buy different relief pills to alleviate headache or muscle pain. Pain Zapper relief pills contain several active ingredients in various concentrations that possess powerful analgesic and antipyretic properties.

You can buy Pain Zapper in the form of pills for oral administration at pharmacy. A package contains 100 pain pills; each includes acetaminophen, aspirin, salicylamide and caffeine. This pain tablet is an effective means to reduce fever, as well as to relieve the pain symptoms of various types and intensity, such as:

  • prolonged muscle pain;
  • tension-type headaches;
  • pain in or around a tooth;
  • back pain;
  • painful periods or severe menstrual cramps.

Carefully learn the drug leaflet before using this painkiller, since the correct dosage of this medication should be used. In addition, the proper use of this pain relief pills helps to exclude various unpleasant effects, such as overdose.

Do not take Pain Zappers relief pills with other drugs containing acetaminophen, because severe skin reactions may occur. Do not use this anesthetic with alcohol, since such combination will have a negative effect on your liver function.

Pain Zappers pain pills contain such central nervous system stimulant as caffeine; therefore, patients should refuse from products containing this psychoactive substance. Excessive amount of caffeine in the body may lead to various unpleasant consequences, such as insomnia, nervousness or irritability.

You can use relief pills to facilitate pain for 10 days, and then stop using this medication. If you want to use this drug for a longer time, you can do this only after a consultation with your doctor.

Pain medication can be used by adults, as well as children who are 12 years old. The doctor usually prescribes 1 or 2 pills every 4 hours to his patient suffering from pain. During the day, the patient should not take more than eight tablets.

Sometimes, these relief pills may cause various adverse reactions that may disappear after the patient stops using them.

The main side effects of Pain Zapper include temporary facial edema, skin rashes and hives. Nausea and vomiting rarely occur, so patients suffering from heartburn or stomach upset should use this pain reliever with caution.

If you have redness of the skin on the hands or on other parts of the body shortly after using this drug, this can be an allergic reaction. You should immediately stop using these pain tablets and consult your doctor, who can prescribe you another medication to alleviate pain.