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Robaxin is a central action muscle relaxant, used for the treatment of painful muscle spasms in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

The mechanism of the muscle relaxant Robaxin action lies in blocking of pain nerve impulses sent to the brain, which results in a decreased tone and rigidity of skeletal muscles.

The muscle relaxant Robaxin will quickly stop the attack of acute back or lower back pain. You may buy Robaxin without prescription in an online pharmacy.

According to some reports, Robaxin helps reduce non-specific low back pain. However, some experts warn that the central action muscle relaxant should be used with caution, as its effect is directed to the brain, rather than the muscles.

Unnecessary use and abuse of the muscle relaxant Robaxin may cause a number of side effects on the central nervous system, which require medical care, such as jaundice or mild muscular incoordination.

Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions for the muscle relaxant and learn its features, if you have never taken Robaxin and want to buy it without prescription.

The active ingredient of Robaxin is the muscle relaxant methocarbamol, which was created specifically to suppress the nerve impulses and reduce muscle tension.

Robaxin is available in the US market in two dosage forms:

  • 500 mg and 750 mg oral tablets
  • 1gm/10ml (100mg/ml) solution for intramuscular or intravenous administration

The injectable form of Robaxin provides a fast analgesic effect and may be used in combination with other drugs for the symptomatic treatment of the musculoskeletal system diseases.

Unlike the US, only oral form of Robaxin (500mg and 750 mg tablets) is approved for use in Canada and the UK. Therefore, if you are not a US citizen want to buy the muscle relaxer Robaxin for Injections, you may order this drug online in an international pharmacy.

Ordering Robaxin solution in an international online pharmacy is not difficult and does not take much of your time. However, if you decide to use an online pharmacy services, start with finding out the conditions of Robaxin sale and delivery.

Moreover, you may read consumer reviews about the quality of services, rendered by pharmacies, and only then order Robaxin. It should be noted that Robaxin is sold in international online pharmacies without prescription, and its cost is often much lower, than in national pharmacy chains.

Consumers, who already bought the muscle relaxant Robaxin several times, know that the online pharmacies offer the lowest prices for the drug. Since the maintenance of an online pharmacy is cheaper compared to a retail pharmacy, it allows for a fast adjustment of the pricing under customer requests.

Robaxin price directly depends on the number of the drug packages you order. The more packages the customer orders, the lower the cost Robaxin. While as retail pharmacies always offer fixed prices, and no matter how many packages of this muscle relaxant you buy, Robaxin price is always high.

If you want to save considerably, order Robaxin muscle relaxant on the online pharmacies. This can save not only your money, but also your time.

If you’ve never used Robaxin, you should understand that this muscle relaxant, just like other drugs, may cause discomfort and side effects. It does not depend on whether you purchased Robaxin without prescription in an online pharmacy or in a retail pharmacy.

The cause of side effects may be the individual characteristics of the body, Robaxin drug interactions with other drugs, as well as the use of the drug in high doses.

To reduce the risk of adverse reactions, find the recommended therapeutic dose of Robaxin, and the list of drugs that may interact with this muscle relaxant.

Usually, patients are prescribed four to six Robaxin grams per day in the first 2-3 days. In more severe cases, the daily dose of Robaxin may reach up to 8 mg.

The usual starting dose for the treatment of muscle spasms and reducing pain is three tablets of Robaxin 500mg four times a day or two 750mg Robaxin tablets four times a day. The maintenance dose is 2000mg to 4500mg of Robaxin per day.

If you decide to order Robaxin on an online pharmacy, but the cost of the drug is too high for you, you may buy generic Robaxin, which has the same muscle relaxant effect, but a lower cost.

Robaxin generics are sold in the online pharmacies without a prescription and are available under the trade name Carbacot and under the international non-proprietary name Methocarbamol. Today, Robaxin and its generics are among the most prescribed muscle relaxants in the US, the UK and Canada.