Best period pain relief pills

It is known that many women during menstrual periods experience discomfort and pain of a certain intensity.

Despite the fact that today, the pharmaceutical market has a variety of drugs that relieve painful menstruation; most women prefer to do without pain relief pills during their periods.

However, there are women who take painkillers on an ongoing basis to improve their condition.

What should I know when choosing the best pain relief pills for painful period?

If you have painful periods, it is important to find out the reasons that contribute to this pathological condition and determine the intensity of pain sensations before to buy pain relief pills. Otherwise, medications can be ineffective and cause adverse reactions.

It should be understood that even the best pain relief pills have contraindications and their misuse may lead to addiction and decrease in analgesic effect.

One of the most common reasons of pain during periods is dysmenorrhea (a disorder in the menstrual cycle regulation system).

In this disorder, mild menstrual cramps, which quickly go away in most cases, are observed. Use of such nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as Indomethacin, Diclofenac or Ibuprofen helps to reduce the pain intensity and improve well-being.

Medicines based on Acetaminophen also help many women to get rid of cramps during their periods. Most women consider these pain relief tablets to be the best.

Health specialists do not recommend using pain relief pills including NSAIDs during periods more than 5consecutive days. It is better to abandon the potent pills to treat pain and to use non-drug ways to relieve pain during menstruation.

In addition to some pain relief pills, medicines containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, various vitamin and mineral supplements help cope with discomfort and cramps.

However, there are cases when woman may experience such strong cramps during the menstrual period that intake of pain relief pills does not help get rid of them.

If there are spasms that cannot be controlled by pain relief pills, immediately see your doctor, since this can be a symptom of such gynecological diseases as endometriosis or ovarian cyst.

The doctor will choose an individual course of treatment, as well as effective pain relief pills that will suit you the best. The sooner you start the treatment, the sooner you will improve your health and return to a normal life.