Most frequent disorder of sleep: Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems. The relevance of this problem is caused not only by a significant prevalence of insomnia among inhabitants of developed countries, but also by high costs of treating insomnia and by its consequences.

Difficulty falling asleep, frequent night awakenings, early awakening, poor sleep, insomnia can cause serious health problems. Therefore, fighting insomnia is necessary not only to improve sleep quality, but also to maintain a normal health.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders occur in about 95% of population in developed countries. Many people pay insufficient attention to the problem of lack of sleep, insomnia and poor sleep quality. Therefore, as insomnia progresses, their physical and psycho-emotional state gradually deteriorates.

To improve sleep and fight insomnia, both medical and non-drug methods can be used. In irregular episodes of insomnia, over-the-counter sleeping pills and sleep aids can be used to normalize sleep.

The advantage of herbal or natural sleep aids over powerful sedative-hypnotic drugs is that they do not cause side effects. Due to high safety, over-the-counter sleeping pills can be used to improve sleep in insomnia during pregnancy.

When severe insomnia follows a normal sleep, such sleep problems can be caused by stress. In insomnia caused by psychologically traumatic experiences, the doctor can prescribe a prescription for sedative, hypnotic or sedative-hypnotic drugs.

Prescription for highly effective medications for sleeping problems can be received only by patients for whom bad sleep (insomnia) creates potential risks for overall health and (or) mental state.

To choose effective prescription or non-prescription sleeping pills, it is necessary to assess the quality of night sleep, type of insomnia and severity of associated symptoms of insomnia.

You can take test or quiz to determine the type of insomnia in just a few minutes without leaving your home. Online tests help to determine the presence or absence the insomnia symptoms, but are not able to answer the question “What cure for insomnia is required in each particular case”?

A lot of useful information about sleep, insomnia and frequent sleep problems you can find on YouTube and many other popular video sharing. In addition, interesting and useful information about sleep (insomnia) can be found on various forums, feedbacks and blogs.

It should be noted that only non-pharmacological treatment methods should be used to normalize sleep in insomnia in children and adolescents. Powerful sedative-hypnotic drugs to treat insomnia are prescribed only to adult men and women over 18 years old.