Herbal sleeping tablets

Plants with relaxing and sedative properties are plentiful and used by people to treat insomnia for thousands of years. Today, properties of these plants are studied by scientists, consequently new herbal sleep aids appear on the market.

Importance of sleep to maintain and improve the quality of life is hard to overestimate. Rapid fall asleep and stable sleep improve mood, remain vigilant, improve cognitive function and increase working productivity.

Insomnia violates emotional balance and makes solution of tasks requiring use of cognitive skills more difficult. If sleep problems occur frequently or constantly, this can negatively affect any systems of the body and cause diseases.

Today, you can buy herbal sleeping tablets online and quickly get rid of sleep problems. Unlike infusions from plants, natural sleeping pills are easy to use; they have fixed dosage strengths, therefore can be used in the correct dosage.


Healing effect of valerian is known since ancient times. «Father of Modern Medicine» Hippocrates described the relaxing properties of valerian in the 5th century BC.

Today, valerian properties are well studied. European Medicines Agency (EMA) states that valerian can be used as a means for management of mild insomnia. EMA experts also claim that valerian is useful in elimination of depression symptoms.

Root or extract of valerian is one of the most common components of herbal sleeping pills. Application of such pills helps to manage a variety of sleep disorders including insomnia.


Jasmine flowers are rich in vegetable oils, which have calming and sedative effect. Herbal sleeping tablets based on jasmine extract are used for insomnia treatment, as well as coughing, depression, anxiety and emotional stress.

Note that soothing properties of jasmine are comparable to those of other plants. However, price of herbal sleeping tablets, which include jasmine extract, can be high.


If you want to buy cheap herbal sleeping tablets, choose means that contain linden flowers. This plant has many useful properties and unlike jasmine, it grows in large quantities in different regions of the world.

Natural sleep aids containing linden flower extract speed up falling asleep and increase duration of sleep. Linden flower extract is also valued for its antipyretic, diaphoretic, antispasmodic and diuretic effect.


Besides hypnotic effects, melissa is appreciated for improving the work of the digestive tract and decrease of rheumatic pains. Therefore, if insomnia occurs because of digestive disorders or joint pain, it is best to use herbal sleeping tablets containing melissa.

If insomnia causes decline of productivity or difficulties with learning, melissa will also help you. It is scientifically proven that melissa improves cognitive function and allows to focus on work.


Hop contains many essential oils that exert relaxing effect on the central nervous system and is used to treat insomnia. Hop also has antidepressant effect. Therefore, if insomnia is caused by nervousness and stress, use herbal sleeping tablets that include hop.

Other herbs

If you want to buy herbal sleeping tablets at regular drugstores or on online pharmacies, it is likely that you will be offered means that include several components. Besides above listed herbs, natural sleep aids may include chamomile, vervain, passion flower, kava-kava, orange blossom and other plants with sedative and relaxing properties.

Effectiveness of natural sleep aids

Herbal sleeping pills reduce time to fall asleep and increase duration of sleep after the first dose. However, an optimal healing effect can be observed after a few days of treatment.

If insomnia persists or progresses, it is possible that you need to use powerful soporific drugs, however a prescription is required to buy them.

Safety of herbal sleep aids

Today, you can officially buy herbal sleeping tablets without prescription, and this says about safety of these means. Unlike prescription hypnotic drugs, natural remedies do not cause side effects, overdose, and physical or psychological addiction.

Price of herbal sleeping tablets

On online pharmacies, you can buy natural sleep aids at cheaper prices than at local pharmacies. Online pharmacies cooperate with best manufacturers, set a minimum percentage mark-up, have high level of sales and therefore offer sleep aids at the lowest price.

Time and money saving, simplicity and affordability are the main advantages of online pharmacies. You choose the desired product, pay for your order and herbal sleeping tablets will be delivered to the address you provided on the same day.