Where to buy xyrem cheap

Xyrem – is one of the most prescribed drugs in the USA and in a number of European countries for treatment of such neurological diseases as narcolepsy and cataplexy. The main clinical manifestation of these diseases is disturbance of sleep and wakefulness cycle, and short-term sharp relaxation of muscles.

If you or your family member begins to experience sharp daytime sleepiness and attacks of sudden falling asleep or vivid hallucinations during falling asleep, Xyrem, which you can buy quickly and without prescription on online pharmacy, will help to get rid of these symptoms.

CNS depressant Xyrem will help to control imperative falling asleep and to normalize night sleep. If you have never used Xyrem, it is recommended to find out dosage forms and indications for its use before to start taking this depressant.

An international biopharmaceutical company Jazz Pharmaceuticals has the right to supply Xyrem at the US market. A multinational biopharmaceutical company UCB supplies Xyrem at the European market.

Depressant Xyrem is available only in 500 mg / ml solution for oral administration both for Americans and for Europeans. The mechanism of Xyrem action is based on pharmacological properties of active substance sodium oxybate, which contributes to:

  • decrease in severity of daytime sleepiness
  • prevention of cataplexy
  • improvement of night sleep

If you want to buy an effective CNS depressant, therapeutic effect of which is aimed at all main symptoms of narcolepsy, choose Xyrem.

You can quickly buy cheap Xyrem on online pharmacies accredited in the USA, as well as on international online pharmacies. However, before you order Xyrem without prescription, you should find out what sodium oxybate is and what properties it possesses.

Sodium oxybate (or gamma- hydroxybutyric acid) increases duration and depth of delta sleep and REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). Given the fact that violation of night sleep is one of the main symptoms in narcolepsy, improvement of night sleep quality reduces irresistible daytime sleepiness and severity of sleepiness.

Moreover, studies show that sodium oxybate is effective against other symptoms of narcolepsy, such as sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations (perception disorders while falling asleep), and cataplexy.

Despite the fact that scientists have long been trying to determine causes of narcolepsy, its exact causes are not known. Occurrence of this disease is associated with pathology of the brain parts that control sleep process.

In particular, pathology in the structure of the hypothalamus neurons is revealed in patients. Therefore, narcolepsy can be mistaken for a mental disorder, since this disease has many different manifestations. Meanwhile, it is just sleep disorder that occurs more and more often lately.

If you have bought oral solution Xyrem without prescription, familiarize yourself with dosage regimen of the drug before to start treating narcolepsy to avoid overdose and development of adverse reactions.

Because of a short half-life (about 30 minutes) and duration of action (from two to four hours), oral solution Xyrem is used twice:

  • the first time – just before bedtime
  • the second time – 4 hours after the first dose

The recommended starting dose makes 4.5 mg of Xyrem per day divided into two doses (2.25mg before bedtime and 2.25 mg in the middle of night).

Then, the dose of Xyrem is gradually increased to obtain the total therapeutic dose from 6 to 9 mg of sodium oxybate per day. The daily dose should be increased gradually by 1.5 mg every three to seven days.

No matter where you have bought oral solution Xyrem without prescription on online pharmacy or at the nearest pharmacy, improper use of the drug, as well as some individual characteristics of the patient may cause discomfort and side effects.

Depression, nausea and weight loss are among the most common side effects. It should be noted that due to strong sedative effect of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, Xyrem could exacerbate symptoms of sleep apnea syndrome.

If you are just starting treatment of narcolepsy, you should know that Xyrem Success Program is created especially for patients taking this CNS depressant.

You can join this program and at any time to get information support how to use Xyrem properly and how to reduce cost of therapy.

If you are going to buy Xyrem without prescription for the first time, you should know that this oral solution is supplied in the USA in a special kit that contains:

  • one press-in-bottle adaptor
  • leaflet and professional insert
  • one 10 ml plastic syringe dispenser
  • One vial containing 180 mg of oral solution

This kit also includes two 90 ml dosing cups equipped with special covers that prevent accidental opening.

Unfortunately, narcolepsy is incurable, despite the fact that this is a maintenance treatment; Xyrem can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life. Xyrem will help to reduce daytime sleepiness, as well as will alleviate symptoms of cataplexy or sleep paralysis.