Mild sleeping tablets

For the treatment of insomnia, caused by stress and emotional experiences, mild sleeping tablets may be used. The list of safest hypnotics is long enough, but Doxylamine, Melatonin and Z – drugs occupy a special place among them.

Doxylamine is a sedative antihistamine, which is available on the international market under the trade names Unisom, Somnil, Donormyl, Dormidina, Restavit, and Dozile.

For the treatment of insomnia disorders with sleep disturbance, people may buy mild sleeping tablets Doxylamine, available without a prescription at local pharmacies.

Doxylamine action is based on H1-histamine blockage, which helps reduce sleep onset time. These sleeping pills increase the length and quality of nocturnal sleep, without changing its phases.

The advantage of Doxylamine lies in the absence of addiction and withdrawal syndrome. The drug is one of the best sleeping pills, which can be successfully used for stopping insomnia in young and elderly.

The duration of the mild sleeping tablets course is 2-5 days. The optimal dosing regimen is 7.5 to 15 mg per day.

In recent years, along with other medications for insomnia management, increasing popularity was gained by sleeping pills, which contain the synthetic analogue of Melatonin hormone.

People may buy mild sleeping tablets without a prescription in the city pharmacies or supplement stores, since Melatonin belongs to OTC sleep aids. However, these sleeping pills are available in some countries only by prescription or don’t exist at the market at all.

If Melatonin is not available in your city and you do not know where you can purchase this hypnotic, order it in an online pharmacy. Yet, before ordering sleeping pills, learn the features of these sleeping pills and delivery terms.

Melatonin hormone is called the regulator of circadian rhythms and its content in the body depends on the time of day. Melatonin is characterized by a wide therapeutic range, the absence of addiction and side effects.

These sleeping pills may be used as a primary or secondary treatment for all forms of insomnia and jet lag.

The effect of these mild sleeping tablets is based on the physiological effects of this hormone, namely its ability to control circadian rhythms of the body and the perception of the “day – night” cycle.

Studies show that the production of Melatonin hormone by the body decreases with age. To significantly improve the quality of sleep and quickly normalize the process of falling asleep in adults older than 50 years, you may buy mild sleeping tablets on an online pharmacy.

Take Melatonin 30 minutes before bedtime, at a dose of 1-5 mg once daily. The best administration time is considered the evening, because the synergy of the sedative effect is observed at that time of day.

When other sleeping aids are ineffective, you may select soporifics from the Z-drugs group to treat insomnia.

These hypnotics are sold by prescription in retail pharmacies. If you need to quickly buy mild sleeping tablets without a prescription, you may order them online.

In current clinical practice, Z-drugs are among the most widely used hypnotics, which have a proven efficacy and safety.

The advantage of these hypnotic drugs is their rapid elimination from the body, and a limited amount of side effects.

Z-drugs group includes Zaleplon (Andante, Sonata), Zopiclone (Zimovane, Imovane) and Zolpidem (Edluar, Ambien). All these mild sleeping tablets are related to benzodiazepine receptors, but differ by their clinical effects and adverse reactions.

Unlike Zolpidem and Zopiclone, sleeping tablets Zaleplon are characterized by a rapid half-life and the lack of pronounced aftereffect in the morning and afternoon hours. The optimal daily dose of Zaleplon is 5-10 mg, quarter an hour before bedtime.

Mild sleeping tablets Zopiclone provide the most long-lasting effect, but are capable of causing drowsiness the next day. Therefore, their use is not recommended for patients, whose work requires high concentration.

The recommended daily dose of Zopiclone for adults is 7.5 mg, 30 minutes before bedtime. If you decide to buy mild sleeping tablets online, learn more about the possible side effects before starting to use Zopiclone.

The hypnotic drug Zolpidem differs from the above mentioned hypnotics by lower toxicity level and the lack of impact over the attention on the next day after the drug administration. The recommended daily dose of Zolpidem is 5-10 mg.

Drugs from the Z-group are considered among the most effective and safest hypnotics. Nevertheless, improper use of sleeping pills may cause addiction and dependence.

Regardless of whether a person took sleeping pills before, or is going use it for the first time, the main condition for the insomnia treatment is to comply with the recommended dosage regimen.