Prescription sleeping pills list

Today, many options of insomnia treatment are available, including lifestyle change, healthy eating or behavioral therapy. However, if insomnia is a result of depression or any other physical or emotional condition, the listed treatment options are often insufficient, so medical treatment can be required.

Due to the accelerating pace of life and increasing stress load, the quantity of people with sleeping disturbances grows annually. Many patients with long-lasting or chronic insomnia are questioning now, where you may view the list of prescription sleeping pills that are legally sold on the Internet drugstores.

Modern international pharmaceutical market offers lots of various sleeping pills, sold by prescription or without it. They belong to different groups of drugs, including benzodiazepines, barbiturates and antihistamines.

The most effective and safest hypnotics today are non-benzodiazepines, which are also called Z-Drugs. The list of the most popular prescription sleeping pills includes such medicines of this drugs group, as:

  • Zaleplon (Sonata)
  • Zolpidem (Ambien)
  • Ramelteon (Rozerem)
  • Eszopiclone (Lunesta)

If you want to start having a sound and calm sleep today, you may buy prescription sleeping pills from this list online right now. Many online pharmacies offer great discounts for the purchase of soporifics, and sell sedative drugs without a prescription.

Buy prescription sleeping pills from this list to get rid of transient, lasting or chronic insomnia in just a few days. Most often, therapists prescribe these sedatives to patients with sleep disorders, caused by:

  • overwork,
  • severe stress,
  • jet lag,
  • information overload,
  • psychological disorders.

Zaleplon is one of the safest sedatives. It is available on the world market under the brand name Sonata in form of 5 mg and 10 mg capsules. Zaleplon advantage over prescription sleeping pills from the list of barbiturates lies in the lack of unpleasant effects, characteristic of sleeping pills, including:

  • anxiolytic,
  • muscle relaxant,
  • anticonvulsant

Zaleplon selectively binds to the CNS receptors and is excreted from the body in about one hour. Due to such a short half-life, daytime sleepiness risk when on Zaleplon capsules is much lower, compared to other soporifics.

Unlike prescription sleeping pills from the list of benzodiazepines, Zaleplon capsules have less potential to cause dependence and withdrawal syndrome. However, abusing this soporific is not recommended, since it may increase the risk of its side effects, such as:

  • asthenia,
  • headache,
  • mild drowsiness.

If you want to permanently get rid of insomnia, try Zolpidem tablets, marketed under the brand name Ambien. Before purchasing them, you may read the list of online pharmacies, where you may buy these prescription sleeping pills without a prescription.

In short use, Zolpidem has a positive effect on the duration of patients’ sleep, as well as their speed of falling asleep. The risk of its side effects is very low. This hypnotic very rarely may cause diarrhea, dizziness or weakness.

The action mechanism of Zolpidem tablets is similar to the action of prescription sleeping pills from the list of benzodiazepines, but they have a lower potential for abuse. Already after the first use, Zolpidem helps you:

  • speed up falling asleep,
  • improve sleep quality,
  • reduce the number of awakenings.

Another popular Z-Drug is Ramelteon (Rozerem). Like other non-benzodiazepine sleeping pills, this soporific has a favorable safety profile and high efficiency in the treatment of insomnia.

Ramelteon influences melatonin receptors in the patient’s body. Thus, it significantly improves the quality of sleep, while preserving its structure. Use of these prescription sleeping pills will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up less during the night.

Ramelteon does not accumulate in the body, so the risk of dependence or addiction to it is extremely low. The half-life of these tablets is about 1-3 hours. Therefore, these are included in the list of the safest hypnotics.

Very rarely, Ramelteon may cause such side effects, as nausea or fatigue. Before you buy these prescription sleeping pills online or at your local pharmacy, check the complete list of possible side effects.

The prescription sleeping pills list also includes Eszopiclone (Lunesta), which is supplied to the world market by Sunovion Pharms. Clinical studies confirm that Eszopiclone is not addictive even in prolonged use.

So, as opposed to other prescription sleeping pills from the list of Z-Drugs, you are allowed to use them within a year. Eszopiclone is the primary agents, used for chronic insomnia therapy in seniors.

Today, these effective hypnotics are widely used in medical practice in such countries, as the USA, Germany, France, and Belgium. To get more information about these soporifics, you may get acquainted with other patients online.

Buy medications from prescription sleeping pills list online to use them and quickly get rid of sleep disorders, thus significantly improving your quality of life.