Sleeping pills for dogs

Sometimes, dog owners use sleeping pills for people to calm down their dogs or give them a good night sleep. Well, it is not a crime. However, an excessive use of these drugs may negatively affect the health of your favorite pet.

Active substances, found in “human” sleeping pills may be effective for dogs or other pets and animals. The biggest problem is that the dosage of human sleeping pills can be ten times or more higher, than in animal medicines.

Actually, dogs may have the same sleep problems as people, although the causes of insomnia are not as obvious in them as in people. Before using any sleeping pills for dogs, please consult a veterinarian. Typically, dog owners decide to give their dogs sleeping pills, due to:

  • Long-term transportation of a dog
  • Pet hyperactivity at nighttime

Sedative of sleeping pills are needed in transportation, veterinarian examination or, for example, dog grooming. Pills containing active component – Selegiline Hydrochloride are one of such drugs. You can buy these pills at pharmacies, under the original name Anipryl or Selgian. These medications are designed for treatment of behavioral or emotional problems in dogs:

  • Behavioral disorders occurring with age (changes in sleep and awakening cycles, disorientation and apathy).
  • Anxiety (fear of unfamiliar animals, people and long separation from the owner).
  • Psychosis and hyperactivity (hereditary and acquired pathologies, associated with metabolic imbalance or organic damage to spinal cord).
  • Aggressiveness – may cause trauma, fear, fight for dominance, improper education and training.

You can buy Selgian tablets in the dose of 4mg, 10mg or 20mg at vegetarian stores. The price of these tablets may depend on the country you live in and the number of pills in a pack. If you order the drug online, one pill’s cost may be lower. Selgian tablets are available in different packages.

  • Selgian 4 mg – 30 tablets pack
  • Selgian 10mg – 30 tablets pack
  • Selgian 10mg – 100 tablets pack
  • Selgian 20mg – 30 tablets pack

This drug has some of the features of sleeping pills and can interact with other psychotropic drugs (for example, Clomicalm). Do not give these pills to dogs under the age of 3 months, pregnant and lactating dogs.

The initial recommended dose of Selgian is 0.5 mg / kg a day. This dosage can calm down your pet and restore a normal sleep. The dose can be increased up to 1 mg / kg per day, if needed (to correct the behavioral stereotypes).

Selgian pills have high bioavailability and rapid absorption rate in the dogs’ stomach. The drug taste is slightly bitter, so it is recommended to mix it with a dog food. Unlike the majority of sleeping pills, Selgian can be used during a long time.


Most sleeping pills for dogs are used as soporific agent, as well as drugs to keep pets calm during vet examination to control excitability. For this purpose, Acevet pills can be used. These pills are designed for dogs and cats. The dosage of Acevet pills for oral intake is:

  • 10 mg
  • 25 mg

You can buy this drug in form of injection solution. This form allows to accelerate the pharmacological effect of the drug and use the dose you need. Acevet pills contain active substance Acepromazine Maleate. You can buy medications, containing this active ingredient under the trade names: Ace Powder, Acepro, Atravet and others. Weight of pets may vary; therefore, most soporific drugs are not only produced in sleeping pills, but also in solution for injections.


If you want your favorite pet sleep normally, it is recommended to use some natural dietary supplements. These supplements can be not as effective as sleeping pills, but they almost never cause side effects. Zylkene is one of these products.

Zylkene is a natural product, produced from Casein (milk protein). Unlike great amount of sleeping pills for dogs, people can buy Zylkene on online pharmacies and use them for a long time. The product is very popular among pet owners, veterinarians and behaviorists.

Zylkene is supplied in the form of capsules for oral use. If any problems with swallowing occur, it is recommended to open the capsule and pour the contents into a dog food. The powder is well mixed with water, so you may add it into a bowl with water.

Sleeping pills, made for people are not suitable for dogs. The active components of sleeping pills for people are often found in sedative and soporific drugs for dogs. However, if you love your pet and you don’t want to risk his health, buy special sleeping pills for dogs.