How to fall asleep

Many people are concerned about the problem how to fall asleep. Falling asleep quickly and waking up all rested is not only the problem of elderly, but also of people who work hard and are constantly on the go.

Stresses, being always in the hurry and noncompliance with the regimen usually deprive you of a good night sleep. Scientists established long time ago that sleep is very important for maintenance of a normal working capacity of a person throughout a day.

The lack of sleep can cause nervous breakdowns and damage the overall health of a person. But how to fall asleep when you can’t fall asleep? How to fall asleep and stay asleep in order to wake up full of energy and strength?

Well, firstly, a person should watch his lifestyle and the way he behaves in general. Possibly, he goes to sleep late, abuses alcohol drinks or his biorhythms are broken.

In this case, the compliance with a day regimen and cessation of the night activity may be the right solution of the problem how to fall asleep for you. Actually, sports and physical activity help to fall asleep faster.

However, you should choose a proper time for physical exercises. Usually, it is recommended to exercise in gym at least 4 hours before sleep. Drinks high in caffeine will not let you to fall asleep quickly.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and slows down the falling asleep process. So, a cup of coffee in the morning helps to wake up, while the same cup of coffee, taken before sleep can cause insomnia.

Many specialists recommend reading something boring before sleep. After a hard working day, the human brain refuses to digest such information. Thoughtless reading helps to fall asleep at night almost everybody, whose brain is full of information.

Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Airing the room before sleep also helps to fall asleep easily and quickly. The optimal temperature for a good night sleep 18°C maximum.

Low temperature helps kids to fall asleep quickly as well. Do not take your laptop, tablet, smartphone or electronic book to the bedroom. The blue backlight and blinking of indicators keep you agitated and prevent you from falling asleep instantly.

How to fall asleep when not tired? A glass of warm milk with a little bit of honey can help you. Or, you can take a hot shower an hour before sleep. Make sure you turned off the light before going to bed, because it will not let you relax and fall asleep at night.

If you like to fall asleep with low light, put on a sleep mask or just dim the light. It has been confirmed that people fall asleep easier in white noise or sounds of nature. The monotonous noise of fan or a clock is perfect for that.

Sounds of nature like tides, singing of birds, a light breeze help to fall asleep fast not only for teens. They can also help kids to fall asleep fast.

If you prefer the silence, just turn off any noise sources. You can use earplugs if you want. It just takes some time to get used to them, but they will protect you from any sound, even when you sleep with your partner.

How to fall asleep when sick? You should change your old pillows or old matrass to new ones; replace your heavy blanket by a lighter one. The more comfortable your bed becomes the sooner you will fall asleep and stay asleep at night.

Medications can be another reason of falling asleep disorder. Often, insomnia is a side effect of psychostimulants. Ask your doctor how to fall asleep when you are sick.

A calming effect of chamomile or mint tea has been known since ancient times. Such tea relaxes your mind and body. Besides, it helps people to fall asleep easier.

Drink this herbal tea about 1.5 hour before sleep. If you use the relaxing tea regularly, drink a cup of this tea in an hour or two before going to bed. Please do not drink too much fluid before sleep not to go to the bathroom at night. You will fall asleep quickly and easily every night.

What do we do if we see a nightmare and wake up at night? How to fall asleep after nightmare? If you saw a nightmare, do not hide under the blanket. Take a deep breath, sit in your bed and drink some water.

Turn on your night light lamp and look around. You need to feel that you are safe and nothing threatens you. Change your pajamas if you want and think of something good, like vacation or a meeting with your girlfriends.

Think of nightmares as of the reflection of your daily experiences. Try to avoid negative emotions and take care of your health. To your child could fall asleep on Christmas eve easily, give him only healthy and light foods.

Avoid spicy, fatty and sweet foods. The amount of meals your child eats must correspond to his age. Make sure your kid eats a couple of hours before sleep; otherwise, his digestive system will continue digesting food when it is time to go to bed. Last but not least: pets can be the reason why your kid wakes up at night.