Top 10 sleeping pills

Many people suffer from sleep problems, regardless of their age. Therefore, scientists never stop working on creating effective and safe sleeping pills, the use of which would help to normalize sleep and improve the quality of human life.

According to the rankings, the top 10 sleeping pills include mainly drugs that are dispensed from pharmacies by prescription. If you have already taken RX sleeping pills and you know that they help you, you can buy them online, if needed.

However, before you begin using prescription sleeping pills, it would be better to try normalizing your sleep with over the counter sleep aids.

These drugs are safer, do not cause serious side effects and can be used even during pregnancy. OTC sleeping pills are freely available for sale at any pharmacy, because they do not have a significant impact over the central nervous systems.

The list of top 10 sleeping pills over the counter, which can ensure sleep onset with simple sleep disorders, often includes natural herbal preparations.

As a rule, natural top 10 sleeping pills, based on herbs, do not have a direct hypnotic effect. These pills provide a sedative (soothing) effect and reduce excessive excitement, tension and anxiety that accumulate during the day.

Sleeping aids based on Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian, and Kava improve sleep in people, in whom insomnia is caused by stress and emotional distress.

Of the list of top 10 sleeping pills over the counter, special attention should be to given to medications, based on melatonin. Synthetic analogues of melatonin may be effective for the treatment of sleep disorders in children, because they are tolerated well and rarely cause side effects.

Having analyzed customers’ reviews about top 10 sleeping pills, it can be noted that many people do not understand that a long and uncontrolled use of OTC sleep aids can affect the body in a negative way.

Most people rarely consult a specialist for advice on this problem, which leads to the progression of insomnia and worsening of the condition.

When you can not get rid of sleep disorders with over the counter sleeping pills, doctor can recommend hypnotics. As a rule, it is recommended to establish and eliminate the causes of insomnia before assigning a hypnotic.

Today, top 10 prescription sleeping pills includes such drugs, as Rozerem, as well as “Z-drug” hypnotics, like Sonata, Lunesta, Ambien, Zolpimist. As a rule, these drugs are prescribed when insomnia leads to a pronounced distress and a tangible decline in the quality of life.

Compared with benzodiazepines, top 10 modern sleeping pills have fewer side effects, because they act directly on the sleep centers, located in the brain.

Nevertheless, these sleeping pills are recommended to use no more than 4 weeks, as some of them can be addictive.

Before you buy pills to fight insomnia, consult your doctor, since even the top rated sleeping pills have contraindications for use. An experienced doctor will choose the most effective med for you.