Types of OTC sleeping pills. Best remedies for insomnia

Insomnia and other sleep disorders may worsen state of health, making you irritable and tired. Because of the lack of time or any other reasons, many people suffering from insomnia, cannot visit a doctor. That is why these people wonder where they can buy over the counter sleeping pills.

If you are one of them, then it will be useful for you to know what sleeping pills are available without prescription, which are the most effective ones and which will suit you most. Another important aspect is to find out the price of over the counter sleeping pills. Thus, you may find many similar products from different manufacturers on pharmaceutical market.

Over the counter sales of the strongest sleeping pills is under control in most countries of the world. It is explained by the fact that their use is associated with high risk of side effects and other unusual reactions. The FDA and medical regulatory authorities of other countries control the distribution and sale of the strongest drugs.

Many of the prescription sleeping pills are cheap, which is their advantage over other drugs. Uncontrolled or excessive use of such pills sometimes provokes memory disorders, inhibits physical activity, providing drug dependence, addiction and other harmful effects for health.

Prescription sleeping pills can work safely and effectively if people undergo a medical examination. Any medical examination helps to determine insomnia causes and prescribe the best treatment. After the examination, it is possible that the doctor will advise a patient to buy OTC sleeping pills.

It should be noted that any OTC soporific drugs must not be the strongest pills, but rather properly chosen pills, suitable for specific sleep disorder. Usually, people are recommended to use:

  • Sleeping pills for quick falling asleep
  • Sleeping pills for night awakening

For falling asleep disorders, people should use medications with short effect, these are enough for a deep sleep. For frequent awakenings in the middle of the night, doctors prescribe over the counter sleeping pills with prolonged effect.

Over the counter sleeping pills do not provoke dangerous side effects and do not cause a significant effect on physical and mental state of a person. Therefore, these pills are recommended for patients of different age groups (including patients under 18 and over 65 years old).

There are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers, offering to buy soporific drugs at low or high prices all over the world. Typically, brand over the counter sleeping pills are more expensive but as effective as less popular drugs.


The most popular and prescribed over the counter sleeping pills contain active substance, called Diphenhydramine (citrate or hydrochloride). You can buy such kind sleeping pills in the USA, under the brand name Advil PM and Aleve PM. In addition to Diphenhydramine, these sleeping aids contain Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium respectively.

It is possible that in your country Diphenhydramine over the counter sleeping pills are available under some other names. For example, in the USA, over 20 pharmaceutical companies gained the FDA license to sell this drug over the years.

The owners of the marketing authorization for Advil PM and Aleve PM are Pfizer and Bayer Healthcare companies. The drugs come in the form of tablets or capsules for oral intake.

Diphenhydramine over the counter soporific drug should be taken 30-60 minutes before sleep. The dosage of sleeping pills should be individually adjusted, according to needs and reactions of a person. The drug can react with alcohol and other CNS stimulants.

Diphenhydramine sleeping pills provide relaxing effect, which makes you feel sleepy. The drug can cause however, undesired sleepiness in the morning. To avoid this sleepy feeling and other side effects of Diphenhydramine, do not increase the recommended dose.

There are several antihistamine sleeping pills that are similar to Diphenhydramine by the effect. If you have slight seeping disorders, the doctor can recommend to use Diphenhydramine over the counter sleeping pills.

If you do not know what sleeping aids are best for you, consult a pharmacist. You can buy over the counter sleeping pills and use consultation of a pharmacist on online pharmacies. Before ordering the drug, make sure you have checked the delivery and payment methods.