Sleeping pills addiction

Patients who want to get rid of their problems with sleep need to know, whether they can become addicted to sleeping pills. The main cause of dependence on drugs is their careless use, which often involves an incorrectly chosen dose of sleeping pills.

If patients violate the advised administration regimen for the drugs that improve the quality of sleep, they may experience health problems that require separate treatment. In addition to the dependence, excessive use of sleeping pills causes a risk of overdose.

It is difficult to find an adult who wouldn’t take a sleeping pill at least once in his life, but careless use of the medicine can lead to severe medical and social consequences.

Possible signs and symptoms of addiction to sleeping pills are:

  • Muscle weakness;
  • Regular and rapid mood swings;
  • Depression or aggressive behavior;
  • Constant tiredness and extreme fatigue;
  • Violation of movements coordination;
  • Unwillingness to do something that you used to enjoy doing before.

Patients can become addicted to sleeping pills very quickly. Doctors are aware of this and therefore they usually recommended using medicines for the shortest possible period of timea.

You should not ignore doctor’s recommendations, since the dependency to sleeping pills develops really fast. After some time, the patient is incapable of falling asleep without taking the pill. Besides, if you use drugs too often, you will feel drowsy, which will prevent you from doing your job or driving.

Regular administration of sleeping pills is recommended until the normal sleep cycle is restored.

Then, you should follow healthy sleep habits that can significantly affect your quality of life:

  • Go to bed at the same time every day;
  • Consume less caffeinated drinks;
  • Do sports to get tired physically;
  • Walk outside before going to sleep;
  • Use a comfortable mattress and pillow.

People are not always capable of coping with their problem on their own. Many people turn to specialists, who help those addicted to sleeping pills.

To overcome addictions, you can use the services of sleeping pill rehab centers. They use different types of therapy for patients, who want to recover.

Methods of therapy, helping people, who are addicted to sleeping pills:

  • Removal of toxic substances from organism;
  • Psychotherapy for getting the patient out of depression;
  • Full or gradual replacement of the drug that caused dependence;
  • Regular decrease in the daily dose of the drug until its complete discontinuation.

If you decide to start treatment for insomnia, keep in mind that abrupt discontinuation of sleeping pills can cause the withdrawal syndrome. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor and ask him to prescribe a suitable dosage of the psychoactive drug and subsequently decide when you should stop taking the medication.