Natural sleep aids

Different sleep disorders are common among people of all ages and cultures. Very often, insomnia affects people over 35-40 years old, who always get in stressful situations. In this review, you will learn about natural sleep aids and various methods of insomnia treatment.

To treat insomnia, difficulties of falling asleep and nighttime awakening, the prescription and over-the-counter medications are used. Such medications remove all kinds of insomnia – mild, moderate or severe ones, yet they have some advantages and disadvantages as well.

The main disadvantage of the prescription sleeping drugs is the fact that they can cause different side effects, like sleepiness during the day, increased sweating, addiction and many others. Natural sleep aids are safe and cause no side effects.

Natural sleep aids for adults and children fight the mild or moderate sleep disorders. To buy natural sleep aids, no prescription is required. You can take them for a long time because these remedies are not addictive.

According to the different estimates, this disorder is mild in over 75% people with insomnia. Such people do not necessarily need to take potent medications affecting the psycho-emotional state significantly. Natural sleep aids can provide a sufficient calming effect for a stable and prolonged sleep.

Natural sleep aids: Dietary supplements

Modern style of life often means a low level of physical activity, nonstandard work shifts, consumption of large amounts of caffeine and imbalanced diets. These factors alone or in combination with others can cause at first some minor sleep problems that can progress later.

If a person cannot change his lifestyle quickly, it does not mean he should use medications right away. In fact, natural sleep aids can terminate insomnia and other sleep disorders. Dietary supplements contain natural biologically active substances, providing a good rest.

Valeriana officinalis provides a mild sedative effect and has been used as a supplement to eliminate insomnia and nervousness since ancient times. Valerian reduces time a person needs to fall asleep. According to the estimates of specialists, Valerian is the most common component found in the natural sleep aids.

Melatonin is a hormone, which is synthesized in the human body. This hormone levels are changed throughout the day. Low level of Melatonin at night negatively affects the different sleep phases. Natural sleep aids containing Melatonin, normalize the circadian rhythm, strengthening the immune system.

The list of natural sleep aids is huge, containing various herbs and other substances. Such dietary supplements are used separately or in combination with others. You can buy various natural sleep remedies if you need and choose the most effective ones later.

Natural sleep aids: CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used for the treatment of neuropsychological disorders, including insomnia. The mechanism of action of CBT is aimed at elimination of psycho-social problems by changing the thinking and behavior model.

The combination of natural sleep aids and CBT improves the sleep gradually. The CBT methods may vary and usually include: relaxation and tension of the separate muscle groups, breathing technique, identification and removal of thoughts that cause insomnia, as well as improve the sleep hygiene.

CBT allows you to get important skills, providing a healthy sleep without using any natural sleep aids. The results of clinical studies are quite promising. Their main benefit is sleep improvement without side effects.

By following some simple tips, you can increase the efficiency of natural sleep aids. All the people with sleep disorders should avoid food intakes 60-90 minutes before sleep, minimize the light and noise levels, and avoid drinking alcohol or coffee. Try to calm your mind, make sure the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable for you and there is plenty of fresh air in it before going to bed.

Natural sleep remedies made a good showing in safety and efficiency. People, suffering from insomnia can buy natural sleep aids at city pharmacies or online. A regular use of natural sleep aids helps to improve the psycho-emotional state and regain a restful sleep.