OTC sleeping pills

Sleeping disorder can occur in people for various reasons, for example, because of stress, a serious illness or a shift work. To restore a healthy sleep, many patients prefer to use OTC sleeping pills, which, in contrast to prescription drugs, can be used for a long time.

Patients of different ages are looking for sleeping pills without prescriptions to prevent the development of unpleasant consequences for their health. Failure to sleep leads to daytime drowsiness, which makes people feel constant fatigue.

The absence of normal sleep can be a very debilitating condition for a person and affects his everyday life.

People can:

  • Develop depression;
  • Lack muscle coordination;
  • Have problems with memory;
  • Have a lower working ability.

If a person’s sleep is disturbed for a couple of days, it may not cause any serious consequences for his health. However, if you have difficulty falling asleep for a long time, it can lead to chronic sleep problems, including circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

To make the sleep onset easy and calm, you can buy one of the over-the-counter products, which are plenty in both conventional and online pharmacies. OTC sleeping pills are safe, since they basically contain natural ingredients. After their administration, the drugs do not cause dependence and therefore patients often take them for a long time.

In an online pharmacy, buying sleeping pills without a prescription is not a problem. The classic problem for patients with insomnia is choosing the best OTC sleeping pills. If you have never taken soporific drugs before, your doctor or pharmacist will help you decide which drug to start your treatment with.

You can buy drugs to improve the quality of sleep in a regular pharmacy or with the online retailers, for example, in Walmart or CVS. The list OTC sleeping pills, which you can buy online, is available on the website of the store.

Even though over-the-counter drugs for improving sleep are generally reliable and effective, it is still prudent to exercise caution and care with medication therapy. At the beginning of the sleep problems treatment, people are not recommended to use the strongest OTC sleeping pill.

Even an OTC drug can cause unwanted reactions, when used improperly. Any drug has side effects, and OTC sleeping pills are no exception.

Carefully read the instructions for use to learn all the benefits and risks of treatment. If you have never bought OTC sleeping pills before and you have questions, you can consult a doctor or pharmacist.

The fast effect of medications that help to improve sleep does not always mean positive dynamics in treatment. Patients with severe sleep disorders, who use medications, should consult a doctor from time to time to monitor their condition.

Those who suffer from sleep disturbances take various medications, including sleeping pills in the form of drops and tablets. The liquid dosage form has both advantages and disadvantages. The result of treating sleep problems with OTC sleeping pills will be positive, if the drug is used in strict accordance with the recommendations, specified in its instruction for use

Overdose with OTC sleeping pills may occur if the patient has significantly exceeded the maximum single dose. To reduce the symptoms of an overdose, having a gastric lavage may be required.

It is not recommended to combine OTC sleeping pills and alcohol, especially in large quantities. This combination can cause unpleasant side effects.