Strong sleeping pills

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder that adversely affects the person’s overall health and reduces his working ability. To get rid of constant insomnia, people buy strong sleeping pills (hypnotics).

Hypnotics – are drugs used to correct sleep disorders. They help to fall asleep and provide the necessary sleep duration.

However, drugs of different pharmacological groups, which have hypnotic activity (like tranquilizers, antidepressants), can be used as strong sleeping pills.

Strong sleeping pills, which are available on online pharmacies, can be divided into the following groups:

  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Non-benzodiazepines (or Z-drugs)

Barbiturates were used as hypnotics for a long time. Today, however, use of Barbiturates is prohibited in some countries, although one can still buy these strong sleeping pills online.

Use of Barbiturates in small doses has a sedative effect on the person; the average doses provide hypnotic effect. The main part of barbituric acid derivatives is excluded from a list of drugs for insomnia treatment due to a large number of side effects.

These strong sleeping pills largely change structure of sleep and reduce duration of rapid (REM) sleep. When using Barbiturates, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and impaired motor coordination are often observed.

Representatives of this hypnotic class are Phenobarbital, Amobarbital, Secobarbital and Pentobarbital. Because of the pronounced effect on sleep structure and a large number of side effects, these strong sleeping pills are replaced by safer hypnotics, in particular benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines have anxiolytic and hypnotic effects, so they are recommended for insomnia treatment caused by nervous tension or increased anxiety.

To return to normal sleep regimen, start insomnia treatment as soon as possible. For this, you should buy strong sleeping pills on online pharmacy.

Order of hypnotic online is also beneficial because you can choose and buy strong sleeping pills at a low price. If you buy benzodiazepine hypnotics for the first time, you should know that these sleeping pills are especially effective in elimination of short-term insomnia.

Use of Benzodiazepines increases the total sleep time, improves sleep latency, as well as decreases frequency of nighttime awakenings. Benzodiazepine hypnotics are divided into three groups: short, medium and long duration of action.

Drugs with long duration of action (Flurazepam, Nitrazepam) provide a sufficient duration of sleep, herewith, regular intake of these strong sleeping pills may cause drowsiness and fatigue during the day.

Sleeping pills with short duration of action (Triazolam, Temazepam) do not cause lethargy and daytime sleepiness, but may cause impaired memory. Benzodiazepines with the most pronounced soporific activity are usually prescribed as hypnotic drugs: Estazolam (ProSom), Flurazepam (Dalmane), and Quazepam (Dormalin, Doral).

These hypnotics refer to prescription drugs. If you want to buy strong sleeping pills without prescription, you can order them online. Besides the listed above medications, you can choose and buy cheap strong sleeping pills on online pharmacy.

However, before to order sleeping pills, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with instruction for their use and find out side effects. Benzodiazepine hypnotics are contraindicated in patients with chronic impaired pulmonary function and in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

About 30 years ago, non-benzodiazepine hypnotic drugs Zopiclone (Imovane, Zimovane), Zaleplon (Sonata, Andante), Zolpidem (Intermezzo, Ambien) were introduced into clinical practice. To date, these hypnotics remain the first-line drugs in therapy of various forms of insomnia.

Advantages of these strong sleeping pills are a selective influence on functionality of the nervous system and almost complete absence of sleepiness during the day.

Rapid onset of action (about 1 hours) and a relatively short half-life (at the average 1 to 5 hours) are characteristic for these hypnotics. For quick normalization of sleep, strong sleeping pills can be recommended, which one can buy online without a prescription.

Before to order non-benzodiazepine hypnotic drug, familiarize yourself with features of these sleeping pills, because all three drugs differ by their mechanism of action, features of the clinical effect and adverse reactions.

Among all Z-drugs, Zopiclone provides the longest therapeutic effect, but it may cause hypnotic aftereffect in the morning. For this reason, these strong sleeping pills should not be used when operating a car or dangerous machinery.

Zolpidem has the longest soporific effect. This hypnotic provides restful sleep for 6-8 hours. Due to short half-life, these strong sleeping pills can be used at night in patients with middle insomnia.

Zaleplon is characterized by high selectivity of action and ability to activate release of melatonin that contributes to increase of hypnotic effect of the drug.

Zaleplon sleeping pills differ by little risk of side effects, since they do not possess cumulative properties. Due to this property, people more often prefer to buy strong sleeping pills Zaleplon, because they are better tolerated and are not addictive.