Sugar pills

“Sugar pills” term can be used in different cases. There is no universal definition of “sugar pills” term yet. Often, “sugar pills” word combination is found in the names of online stores selling clothes or makeup. You can see the words sugar and pills written separately or in one word (sugarpills) in the names of online stores.

Given the fact that “sugar pills” collocation can be positioned as a brand, you may find it in makeup, clothes and accessories reviews. “Sugar pills” brand is not much popular; so usually people do not use “sugar pills” term to describe clothes, makeup and beauty care products.

In New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and other developed countries, “sugar pills” term is used as alternative to “placebo pills”.

Placebo pills are called sugar pills because their main ingredients are saccharides (carbohydrates), including glucose and lactose. Despite the fact that sugar pills have no pharmacological activity, sometimes they help achieving a desired therapeutic effect.

Placebo effect is explained by the example of Oxycodone analgesic pills (Oxy 30). People, using Oxy 30 know exactly the shape, color and marking of these analgesic pills. Besides, person who was prescribed Oxy 30 pills, knows that after he takes them, his pain will decrease.

If a person, who has ever used Oxy 30 pills, takes “sugar pills” that have the same shape, color and marking as of Oxy 30 pills, he naturally expects his pain will go away. As a result, after using sugar pills that do not contain any analgesic substance, the pain might indeed disappear.

Sugar pills are developed for any type of drugs, not only Oxy 30. For instance, sugar pills that look like Ambien can help to fall asleep those people, who have used Ambien pills before and are familiar with their effect.

It is noteworthy that placebo rarely provides the desired effect. Therefore, people should better use drugs, prescribed by their doctor, not the sugar pills.

Some doctors and their patients call birth control pills – sugar pills. If the packaging contains 28 pills, then 7 of them do not contain hormones, so they are called either placebo pills or sugar pills.

Packages containing 21 birth control pills do not contain sugar pills. Therefore, “sugar pills” term is only familiar to those women, who buy 28 birth control pills packages at pharmacies.

Apart from the listed uses of “sugar pills” term, this word combination is also used to describe pills for hypoglycemia. Sugar pills containing high doses of glucose can be used to increase the blood sugar. Still, for hypoglycemia, people use mostly the injectable glucose, which helps increasing the blood sugar levels within just a few minutes.

You can buy sugar pills online in any country of the world. Before purchasing sugar pills, the online pharmacy visitors can consult a pharmacist and ask any questions they want.